January 28, 2020

12 Fantastic Benefits of Digital Signage

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Digital signage is growing in popularity as price decreases and functionality increases, but is the steep upfront investment a good idea for your organization? Regardless of your industry, here are 12 fantastic benefits of digital signage, some you may not have even thought of!

1. Agile

Traditional printing can be a lengthy and costly process that involves coordinating several vendors, waiting and paying for delivery, etc. Alternatively, digital signage content can be updated instantaneously, allowing you to update messaging in real-time. Provide event updates, stream a trending Twitter feed, and more with just a couple clicks. It’s also easily adaptable if anything goes wrong. Notice a typo? Have a sudden change of date? Bold advertising slogan not going as well as you’d hoped? All of that can be updated easily and quickly. 

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2. Cost-Effective

Again, traditional printing can be costly. A lot of money goes into creating, receiving, and storing physical copies, and all of those materials just get thrown away when the campaign comes to an end. Then you have to do it again, and again, and again. Digital signage is only a single, upfront investment, eliminating the need to shell out large sums of money every time your business wants to roll out a new campaign. If you don’t have to worry about exorbitant costs or slow turn-around times, you can focus that energy on producing high-quality, attention-grabbing graphics. 

3. Boost Recall and Retention

Digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays, and their recall rate is 83% -significantly higher than traditional print. Just like using visual aids at 

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school, people are better at remembering things when they see them. This helps with brand awareness and retention. It also means employees and customers are more likely to remember the messages you send out.

One study showed that 75% of those viewing a digital display in a hospital could recall at least one message.

4. Additional Revenue Stream

Depending on where your digital signage is located, it can potentially serve as an additional revenue stream. You can sell advertising spaces to retailers, restaurants, and other businesses that may compliment your organization. This simple initiative can help your digital signage system pay for itself and even become profitable. 

5. Easily Deploy

With just a few clicks, your signage can be updated to suit your immediate needs. Then in a matter of minutes, that messaging can be deployed across all of your locations. That’s the beauty of utilizing cloud-based platforms, they enable you to make and publish edits from anywhere at any time.

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6. Improve Customer Experience

With the addition of time-in-line digital signage updates, customers’ perceived wait time is reduced by as much as 35%; this can drastically impact banks, hospitals, retail stores, drive-thrus, and more. Studies indicate that these real-time updates lead to improved customer experience, fewer complaints, and more return visits. 

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7. Influence Behavior

You can also utilize the real-time capabilities to advertise or inform customers about things happening right now. For example, a QSR could promote iced or hot drinks depending on the weather outside, they could even offer a special discount to help drive sales. Take the current environment and use it to your advantage with digital signage by incorporating current events, weather conditions, and your target audience interests. 

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8. Grab Attention

Studies show that 8 out of 10 customers enter a store just because a sign caught their eye. This means one of the benefits of digital signage is additional foot traffic and (even better) the revenue that comes with it. Think of all the potential customers walking right by and never coming in, simply because they don’t notice your business.

9. Enhance Your Corporate Culture

Brag about the employee of the month, share a photo of your new CFO and encourage people to say hello, create a ticker with positive customer reviews, post inspirational or funny messages, showcase your core values, announce that there are free bagels in the break room, etc. Use digital signage to enhance your corporate culture and effectively communicate with your team. In fact, companies that communicate effectively are 4X more likely to have higher employee engagement, and greater engagement is correlated to better financial results and higher employee retention.

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10. Keep People Updated

Big announcement to make? Wait just a minute before you hit send on that email. People’s inboxes fill up fast, and your message is likely just to get lost in the noise. Going to print out a sign and hang it up? Probably not the most effective form of communication… Whether it’s in a lobby, outside a retail store, or in a waiting room, most people will walk right by a plain ol’ boring sign and completely miss the memo. Keep them updated with a vibrant, moving, digital sign that is prominently located and grab the attention of employees, customers, and whoever else walks by. 

11. Increase Impulse Purchases

60% of a shopper’s purchasing decision is made at the point of sale. 4 out of 5 brands noticed a 33% increase in sales after adopting digital signage. It’s safe to say that those final moments before check-out are crucial, and your business can reap the benefits that digital signage provides. This is because digital signage can effectively communicate in-store specials, promotions, and advertising that increases opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and impulse purchase.

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12. Easily Implement

Choosing the right vendor for your digital signage is essential to having a painless and successful implementation. Many variables must be considered when selecting your system: required functionality and features, location of the signage, number of sites, etc. To ensure smooth project completion, go with ASD® as your primary vendor. We can design, install, and support your digital signage so that it’s always up and running without any headache. Learn more about our audio visual services here.

No matter what type of environment you’re in, effective communication is key to organizational success. Whether you’re relaying wait time to hospital patients, critical bulletins to staff, promotional offers to customers, or event updates to patrons, digital signage is a cost-effective and practical solution. It can be maintained from anywhere, and messaging can be updated with a couple of clicks.

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About the author 

Sam Lum

Sam is the Director of Audio Visual Engineering. He is a CTS-D who specializes in design engineering and integration of custom audio visual solutions. As a director, he oversees and facilitates the entire AV process, from providing pre-sales support to ensuring that the projects are completed successfully.

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