The AASDI program (Authorized ASD® Installers; pronounced “as-dee”) is the technology deployment industry’s first organization of affiliated companies offering services as a cohesive unit.

Independently owned AASDI member companies provide a complete range of services to ASD® clients. Member companies are able to provide on-site support while maintaining consistencies in project design, installation, and management.

Our AASDIs are partners who participate in three key areas of our business:

  • Sharing of national accounts – ASD® does not use our AASDInetwork as contractors. We are a source of business for them, and they also tap into the reach and resources of ASD®in serving their own local clients.
  • Group purchasing power
  • Development of best practices

Follow the steps below to become an AASDI

If you have any questions please fill out our Contact Us form.



Click to download and sign the ASD® Master Agreement. IMPORTANT: Page 1 must be dated and all 11 pages must be returned in pdf format. 




Clilck to download and complete a Federal W-9 form.


Certificate of Insurance (General Liability and Worker's Comp)

IMPORTANT: Certificate Holder MUST have ASD listed with the address below or it will be rejected:
             Automated Systems Design, Inc. (ASD)

             1075 WINDWARD RIDGE PKWY #180
             ALPHARETTA GA 30005 

Minimum Limit Employee Liability Coverage: $1,000,000
Workers compensation MUST have "per statute" checked per MSA agreement.
The four(4) monopolistic states that require workers' comp coverage to be acquired through their state fund are Ohio, North Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming. For these states, we can not accept anything but governmental insurance. No insurances such as Allstate, Geico, etc.


ACH Form

Click to download and complete the ACH form for payments. Send the ACH form to, do not CC multiple people. We like to keep your banking information secure. 



Send completed AASDI documents from Steps 1-4 to to become an AASDI today! We will follow up with additional questions as needed.

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