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ASD® has a deep portfolio full of healthcare experience. Whether you're in a hospital, pharmacy, or other healthcare facility, the systems rely on network connectivity to keep your patients safe, staff productive, and building secure. Our team is familiar with the building codes, licensing, and compliance regulations needed to complete projects. We've got you covered for physical security, WiFi, nurse call systems, digital signage, and more.


"I wanted to let you know how hard the team has been working to help us meet a deadline and make sure our office is operable. They are extremely responsive and very accommodating. It is so appreciated, and they have gone above and beyond to keep me informed."


What ASD® Can Do For You

Technology that works when it's supposed to is absolutely crucial in the healthcare field, it can make all the difference in a patients life. Access control doors that allow emergency personnel to freely flow while restricting unauthorized visitors. Paging and call systems that can quickly and easily send messages during critical moments. Technology that improves the quality of care, patient satisfaction, and staff efficiency. With that in mind, you need more than a vendor, you need a partner that is invested in the success of your systems. 

ASD® can design, install, and decision support all of your low voltage technologies, including but not limited to:

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Check-In Kiosk

Bedside Computer Terminals

Smart Displays

High-Speed WiFi



Sound Masking


Smart Speakers

Video Conferencing

Nurse Call



Access Control

Video Surveillance


Parking Gates




Energy Management

PoE Lighting

Fiber Backbone


Digital Signage

Why the Healthcare Industry Chooses ASD®

We are here to help you keep your people safe and your assets secure. We are here to enable your teams to collaborate free from constraint and to allow individuals to focus without distraction. We are here to make sure your healthcare tech solutions works flawlessly, ensuring that your building is secure, your employees are productive, and your patients satisfy and are happy. But why do companies just like yours choose to partner with ASD®?


Longevity in the Industry

ASD® has been in the low voltage space for over 30 years. During this time, we have successfully serviced hundreds of locations from small single-site server refreshes to nationwide technology deployment projects. 


Full Lifecycle Services

From conception to completion, ASD® is ready. Your healthcare organizations deserve a single source where projects can be imagined, installed, rolled out, and maintained. With our design, build, deploy, and support services or human services, you can rely on a single provider for your workplace technology's entire lifecycle. 


Multiple Low Voltage Technologies

Make your life easier by combining scopes and vendors. ASD® has advanced technical capabilities in audio visual, security, privacy, notification, infrastructure, led lighting, and any other low voltage technology your organization would need.


Experienced Team

Our culture of teamwork, ownership, and accountability is second to none. On average, our project managers have 16 years of experience. Not only that, but our team is rich with certifications like RCDD, CTS-D, DMC-E, PMP, and more. This all means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands when it's at ASD®.

National Footprint

With a single call, you can engage us on any technology from coast to coast. We go where you go, whether it's Jupiter, FL or Juno, AK. We have over 12,000 technicians across the United States who are ready to mobilize and get to your project site.


ICU patient improvement due to better sleep quality from the addition of sound masking


Increase in patient satisfaction when sound masking reduced perceived noise in and around the room


Increase in spending when people order through self-service kiosks


Reduction in pharmaceutical thefts once security cameras are installed

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems/services do you provide?

ASD® can design, install, and support all of your low voltage technology systems, including network cabling, fiber, WiFi, audio visual, unified communications, PoE lighting, access control, video surveillance, and more. We can help with all of your technologies at any point during their lifecycle, from concept to completion. 

How long does technology typically last before it needs to be replaced or upgraded?

Typical systems have no published shelf life, although most technology eventually becomes obsolete. If you're concerned about how normal ware and tare will impact your purchase, then you may want to consider our Support services. If you're concerned about the large investment that may become obsolete, then you may want to consider our Technology-as-a-Service program.

Can technology help with HIPPA compliance?

Sound masking is a great way to improve speech privacy, reduce unnecessary and bothersome noises, and bolster HIPPA oral compliance. It makes chatter harder to distinguish, increasing patient confidentiality, even in shared and busy spaces. Check out our free Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking to learn more.

How much does a project typically cost, and how should I budget?

There is no "normal" cost; it depends on your organization's needs and requirements. The more high-tech, the more it is going to cost. To get a better feel for factors that influence cost (and how to save money), go to our Resource Library and download our purchasing guides. Or if you're ready for some rough numbers, then check out our Technology Project Budget Calculator.

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