Unlocking the potential of self-serve kiosks 

Consumers increasingly rely on and prefer self-service in everything from shopping and travel to healthcare and finance. Self-service is the new customer service. Technology availability and adoption have made self-service options, such as kiosks, a part of the operational fabric of businesses across all industry types. 


81% of consumers use self-service methods before reaching out to a live representative.

A Single Solution to Remotely Manage Your Devices  

ASD-keyOS™ addresses the challenges of managing and maintaining kiosks and other self-service devices by delivering a compiled image installed on these devices, serving as a mobile device management, web browser, and video-looping solution.


ASD-keyOS™ Features

  • Remote hardware enablement and support
  • Remote evaluation and installation of patches, updates, and additional applications
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting of devices
  • Creation of service requests
  • Online configuration and installation change requests
  • Quick implementation of critical changes to one, some, or all kiosks
  • Push software updates
  • Network and internet connectivity monitoring
  • Enablement of URLs that can be accessed from kiosks

ASD-keyOS™ Top Benefits

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Single source of truth management platform for all devices

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Actively monitor device health to reduce service requests

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Fewer resources needed to manage & maintain

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Quickly implement updates and changes

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Easily deploy OS image on devices

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Lessen or eliminate OS licensing costs

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Add usable life to aging devices

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Group devices based on different criteria