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Automated Systems Design is a leading physical security company, offering end-to-end surveillance system services. Our team of industry experts and consultants can help design, install, configure, and maintain your security systems.

Our experts have experience with a wide range of technology vendors and cameras including network IP cameras, wireless cameras, indoor/outdoor cameras, CCTV, thermal cameras, and more. With a nationwide presence and 30+ years of experience, we're ready to support your entire enterprise footprint with our video surveillance maintenance plans.

Nationwide Security Services

Even the highest-quality cameras and installations need to be serviced and maintained. Surveillance systems, like any technology, can break and degrade over time. This can lead to spotty coverage, malfunctioning devices, and even system failure. Below is our typical quarterly maintenance protocol so that you know what to expect before we're on site.

Surveillance Camera Maintenance Checklist


Lens and Dome Cleaning

Cleaning any dust or debris from the security camera lens and dome (if there is one) so that the clearest footage possible is being captured.


Camera Positioning

Ensuring that the camera is angled correctly, in focus, and clear from an obstructions that may be blocking or hindering the view.


Quality Control

Inspecting the camera hardware, cables, and sensors for damage or issues. If something looks broken or needs to be repaired it will be noted along with recommendations for next steps.


Software & Firmware Updates

Performing an software updates that the system needs to remain secure, bug-free, and current with any new features or functionality.

CCTV Maintenance FAQs

How often should surveillance cameras be serviced?

This largely depends on where the camera is located and the purpose it serves. Generally, we recommend quarterly check-ups to ensure that the system is functioning as intended and problems are identified early. If you need more/less trips this can be accounted for in your SLA.

What factors affect surveillance cameras?

CCTV cameras placed in outdoor environments or industrial environments are subject to more extreme conditions - harsh temperatures, salt water, dirt, dust, and debris. They can also be subject to changing external factors like growing trees, moving equipment, or new construction that can obstruct the field of view. Although indoor cameras may not be impacted by these elements, dust and even devious employees can negatively affect the camera systems. Regular checks should be performed on all cameras to ensure seamless, ongoing performance.

How much does it cost?

As always, it depends. Location of the site, time of the visit, the need for lifts, number of cameras, etc. can all impact the final cost. Typically, service trips start at about $250 a site with our annual maintenance plans.

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