Successful cable rollout across the Southeast for America’s second oldest fast food chain.


Krystal is a QSR best known for their small, square hamburgers. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but operate across the Southeast with 230+ locations. As America’s second oldest fast food chain they needed to update their technology. So, ASD® was selected to help them update their infrastructure over the next two years.


Competition in the quick service restaurant industry is fiercer than ever. For Krystal to remain competitive they needed to update their technology. However, their existing infrastructure would not support their growing needs. If Krystal wanted to update their systems, so they could streamline their processes, they were going to have to completely update their cabling infrastructure. To avoid closing for a day and missing out on sales all of the work has to be completed after the stores have closed for the night.

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To ensure Krystal’s modernizing infrastructure can be supported ASD® is performing a 1-for-1 replacement for every cable in their stores across the southeast. This means completely removing the existing cables and replacing them with newer cables that will support their growth and renovations.

  • Technicians are only able to work in the stores after the end of day processing is complete. This means installation often times begins late at night and runs into the wee hours of the morning to get the job done in time.
  • ASD® is managing all 230+ job sites, ensuring each one is completed on time and on budget.
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The project management team at ASD® is ensuring that all of the southeast locations are updated and able to handle Krystal’s new systems. After replacing the cables in each store Krystal will be able to update their POS, wireless capabilities, and more. They are positioning themselves to remain competitive with an infrastructure that can handle new and future technologies.

Project Summary


Quick Service Restaurant






  • 1-for-1 Cable Replacement
  • 3000+ New iCAT Cat5E Plenum Cables across the Southeast
  • 237 Renovations
  • Updated Infrastructure Capable of Handling Growth


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