Innovative IoT device uses advanced sensor technology to detect vape smoke, but the vendor needed a nationwide installation partner to truly provide a turnkey solution.


Soter Technologies uses advanced sensor and software technology to detect and prevent bullying, vaping, and smoking. They needed a partner who could help their clients install the technology, ASD® with their nationwide presence was the perfect fit.


Vaping is an incredibly dangerous trend among teenagers and young adults. Since it is harder to detect than traditional cigarettes, it’s harder to monitor and limit usage, especially in places like bathrooms where security cameras cannot be implemented. Soter created a small IoT device that detects the vapor and can easily be mounted on ceilings or walls. Their technology is incredibly innovative, but they noticed that their users needed help with the integration aspect. To speed up the installation process and provide a more turnkey solution, they needed a partner that could assist with the physical deployment of the devices. 


  • What project process will provide the most pleasant and efficient experience for Soter and its end users?
  • Can technology actually deter the use of vaping on high school grounds?
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Soter’s FlySense™ device uses air quality sensors to identify chemical changes in the air. When vapor is detected, the device sends an email, SMS text message, or push notification to faculty and staff so that they can take necessary action. With the addition of FlySense™, bathrooms as smoking safe-havens are a thing of the past. Soter’s technology has an additional benefit, it can detect sound over a certain decibel level set by the district. This means that during a fight or bullying incident, the device will detect the sound anomalies and send out an alert.

It’s evident that this IoT device can change the high school environment for the better. However, the actual implementation of the technology was proving to be a bit challenging for the end users. Soter wanted to ensure that their clients could quickly get the systems turned up and working, so they needed a nationwide installation partner. With a network of over 12,000 technicians and an impressive project resume, ASD® was the right fit for the job. Once Soter’s clients have decided to purchase, they can easily get in contact with a designated ASD® project manager. From there, PMs confirm the scope, layout of the location of the sensors, and schedule with the school. The install is quick and efficient, with a single cable pulled from the network closet to the device location. All deliverables are submitted to the project managers in real-time through the AASDI mobile app so that quality can be confirmed before the technicians leave the site.

Soter Technology Installation


Soter sells hundreds of FlySense™ devices a month, and schools everywhere are implementing them to try and combat the vaping epidemic. Hopefully, its widespread use will deter youth from this risky behavior. High schools can easily access this technology thanks to Soter’s grant program, and once they have the devices, they can utilize ASD® to quickly get it installed. The detailed and efficient project process makes the implementation smooth and painless.

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IoT Device: FlySense™ by Soter



  • Approximately 15 devices installed at each school
  • Preferred installation partner across the United States


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