High-speed wireless internet upgrade for an upscale 28 story hotel


Crowne Plaza is an IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group) brand. They cater to business travelers by providing collaborative and agile spaces that are easy to connect to. When it was time to upgrade the data infrastructure at their downtown Kansas City hotel, they knew just who to call, ASD®.


The Crowne Plaza in downtown Kansas City, MO is over twenty years old. If they were going to keep up with guest demands and IHG standards then they needed to update their structured cable. The work needed to be completed before a major business conference so the project had a strict and demanding timeline.


  • When can technicians work without disturbing guests and hotel operations?
  • Where should the cable go since the building has all hard ceilings?
  • Will any additional steps need to be taken to bring the dated infrastructure up to speed?
Crowne Plaza low voltage Crowne Plaza WAP Crowne Plaza Wireless Survey


Technicians had narrow time frames for when the could actually work to ensure that guests were not disturbed by the construction. The narrow time frame coupled with the already demanding schedule meant ASD® project managers had to diligently monitor project progress. They communicated daily with hotel staff and project stakeholders to keep things on track. Due to the hard ceilings, the cable had to be run through soffits in the hallways which made running the cable extra tricky for technicians.

Crowne Plaza Building


Project managers sent updates to the hotel staff every day to keep everyone on the same page. Doing so meant the work got completed without disturbing any of the guests. Even with all of these challenges the infrastructure was upgraded in time for the conference. Now, the Crowne Plaza has an infrastructure capable of handling their business travelers needs and they’re ready for any conference that comes their way.

Project Summary







Wireless Network



  • 300 Cat6 iCAT Cables
  • 2,100 ft. of Fiber Optic Cable
  • 8 New IDFs
  • 400+ Access Panels
  • Upgraded 10 Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet Now Easily Accessible in all 385 Rooms


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