1,500 acre resort has to start a utility company to support their growing technology infrastructure demands.


Santa Barbara Plantation is situated upon 1,500 acres of pristine beachfront and expansive rolling hillsides on the island of Curacao. The development boasts upscales residences, marinas, and a Hyatt Regency hotel. The technology infrastructure build out was going to be very complex so they selected NTI, an ASD Company, to get the job done right.


NTI assisted members of the Santa Barbara IT team in evaluating the best options for providing technology services for all community residents and facilities. The problem was that the local service was perceived as somewhat unreliable, this wouldn’t work for the resort. They have to cater to all of their guests and needed to supply them with a secure and trustworthy network.


  • Who are all of the different stakeholders that are involved?
  • How can we design the infrastructure so it’s capable of growing and expanding in the future?
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NTI designed and produced drawings and specifications for the technology infrastructure for the facilities within the resort including the Hyatt , Marina, Golf Clubhouse, Beach Pavilion, and Gatehouse. To please all of the different facilities we had to coordinate with members from the architect’s team, the ownership group, and hotel. The drawings detail all of the cabling, technology equipment rooms, power and HVAC requirements, cabling pathways and other elements of the “Information Transport System” (ITS). The conduit distribution system was also designed to provide for current and future connection demands and has built-in spare capacity to allow for expansion of the cable plant, as required.

Since the local service was perceived as unreliable, it was determined that the best long-term solution was to build a Central Office to house head end equipment for all required technology services and distribute from the CO to the residents and facilities throughout the community, including the Hyatt Hotel. In fact, the CO approach proved so successful that the owners of Santa Barbara Development created Santa Barbara Utilities (SBU), to offer triple-play (Telephone, Internet, and TV) services to the residents of the entire Island. SBU personnel projected significant ROI within the next 2 years on the CO investment.

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During the construction phase, NTI responded to inquiries from the contractors regarding the build out of the technology systems and visited the site to personally witness the contractor’s progress, workmanship, and adherence to NTI drawings and specifications. From concept through implementation, we worked closely with the architect and ownership teams to assure that the facilities within the Santa Barbara Plantation were configured to address tomorrow’s technology challenges today.

Project Summary








  • 1,500 acre resort with technology infrastructure designed by NTI, ASD's daughter company
  • Mixed Use Resort Includes: Residential, Marina, Golf Resort & Spa, Hyatt Hotel, and More
  • Cabling Designed Using a Globally Recognized Standards Based Approach per TIA/EIA, ANSI, and BICSI Guidelines
  • Designed the Central Office Which Became Santa Barbara Utilities that Services Residents of the Entire Island


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