Structured cabling and low voltage infrastructure installation for the fourth-largest regional bank in the Southeast.


Capital Bank is focused on providing superior financial service through a network of locations throughout the region. Established in 2010, Capital Bank grew very quickly by obtaining over 1.7 billion dollars in assets. Like them, they needed a company to provide superior services for their technology needs. They chose ASD®.


In 2017, Capital Bank merged with First Tennessee Bank making them a member of the First Horizon family of companies and the fourth-largest regional bank in the Southeast. Already having 300+ locations, Capital Bank is steadily opening more locations. To take care of their structured cabling/low voltage infrastructure needs, they needed someone who would be efficient and stays within budget.


  • With many decentralized locations, how can we keep technician costs low?
  • How can we communicate with the client quickly and efficiently?
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Capital Bank knows they can reach ASD® directly which saves them money, reduces the turn around time for projects, and simplifies communications. Once they put in a support help desk ticket to ASD®, it goes straight to one of the National Support Specialist (NSS). The NDS then utilizes the AASDI™ network to find the best qualified local technicians. Using local techs saves clients from having to pay extra costs associated with travel. Our NDS team then uses the AASDI™ mobile app, which provides real-time updates from the technicians in the field. This keeps our project managers informed, allows them to confirm quality deliverables, and ultimately helps the job run smoothly and efficiently.



Capital Bank had locations across the Carolinas, and ASD® project managers had to ensure the technicians stayed on schedule and delivered on time. The mobile app and time-tested project management processes ensured flawless execution. By using ASD® reliable and trustworthy cabling solutions that come with a lifetime warranty, Capital Bank knew the infrastructure would support their present and future needs.

Project Summary






Structured Cabling


  • Projects range up to 550 cables
  • Across the Carolinas
  • Branch Rollouts, new cabling infrastructure for TCR installations across 94 sites
  • Branch Decommissioning
  • Support additions, moves, and changes


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