Sound Masking, Paging, and Mass Notification Solutions

ASD® works with clients to achieve a true focus space that encourages privacy and workplace comfort.

These technologies allow your employees to be notified, focus more in an open environment, receive direction on what to do during an emergency, and even relax and enjoy some music. When budgeting for your building's sound coverage, there are a variety of systems that can do part or all of these functions.

Helping You Focus with Sound Masking

In most office environments today, the space is designed to be open with collaboration in mind. It looks great and all…but these officeless cubelands with high ceilings create unique challenges when it comes to how sound travels. This means unwanted noise and chatter!

At ASD® we work with clients to achieve a true focus space that encourages privacy and workplace comfort. We’re talking about sound masking, also known as white noise, that can help achieve the desired results for privacy and noise cancellation. As every space is unique and the desired results are different for each client, ASD® is able to help guide our clients to the right product for your facility’s individual needs.

Learn about sound masking, how it works, and how it can improve productivity.

Helping You Communicate with Mass Notification

Sound Masking Paging and mass notification systems are being used in many commercial environments today. Planning to get the word out should start at the beginning of space planning. A proper paging and mass notification system not only spreads the news but also saves lives.

We have experience with:

  • Standard Office Environments
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Large Manufacturing & Distribution Centers
  • Educational Campuses
  • And More

Whether you need some rough numbers to reference in your next meeting or want to talk specifics, one of our ASD® experts will be glad to help you. Click below to view quick ballpark estimates based on industry standards and our project experience.

Featured Projects

Below are some of our best sound masking project profiles. They showcase technology implementation that is functional, creative, and ultimately an asset to the workplace . 

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Hexagon Feature
Project Profile: Aaron's divisible room

Technology Partners

ASD® partners with a host of industry leading brands like the samples shown here. Click here to view all of our partners.

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Sound Masking, Paging & Mass Notification Pricing

When budgeting for your next Sound, Paging & Mass Notification Systems project there are a lot of factors to consider. The right solution for your organization depends on your needs and current building acoustics. Click the button below to download the Purchasing Guidebook or keep reading below.

Based on our experience, we typically see prices ranging from $1.00 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot.


Common Cost Factors for Most Projects



Where is the project located? Some parts of the country are more expensive than others. Some rural areas may require travel due to availability of the field resources which could increase cost.

size and type of environment icon


Type of environment will impact price. Class A Office, Distribution Center, Manufacturing, Retail, Indoor vs. Outdoor could all impact overall cost.

labor requirements icon


Projects being installed with a Union Labor requirement will be more expensive than projects without the requirement. Some projects require a prevailing wage to be paid to a technician which can also increase costs.

permitting icon


Permitting varies from state to state and city to city. One city may not require anything more than an application form to receive a permit, while others may want full engineered drawings that go through a plan review process. The full set of engineered drawings carries a substantial price tag that elevates the overall system cost. Another consideration is the time required if the review process is a requirement.

remodel vs new construction icon


New construction will typically be less expensive than renovation.

local codes and standards icon


Local codes can drive cost as they vary in requirement. For instance, in some locations across the U.S. all overhead cable must run in conduit while others can be supported with J-Hooks in the ceiling.

local codes and standards icon


Pathways can contribute greatly to overall system costs. Costs of core holes sizing and cutting slab for conduits needs to be considered in your budgeting process.

economies of scale icon


What type of structure is being built? A system in a manufacturing plant is developed completely different than a high rise office building. An apartment complex can reuse the same templates for each building; this saves design time and costs.

installation hours icon


Normal working hours will be less expensive than after hours or weekends.

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