Third largest wireless network provider needs reliable technology integrator to handle multiple nationwide rollouts.

T-Mobile is the third largest wireless network in the U.S. They have over 65 million customers and over 5,000 stores nationwide. To keep up with their incredibly competitive market they needed a nationwide rollout team that could work quickly and meet their high-tech demands, ASD® was the perfect fit.

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T-Mobile wanted to grow their customer base, but if they were going to do so they would have to expand their retail footprint and improve their in-store customer experience. With other bigger competitors in the market, they had their work cut out for them, but luckily they had ASD® on their side.

Important Considerations:

  • How can T-Mobile use technology to provide the best in-store customer experience?
  • During installation how can we minimize store downtown?
Project Profile: T-Mobile Tech Rollout stairs
Project Profile: T-Mobile Tech Rollout Digital Signage


In 2012 T-Mobile selected ASD® as a technology partner for their nationwide retail store technology rollouts. Since then we have worked with them through retrofits, remodels, and new builds to constantly provide the most cutting-edge technology solutions. To properly support their large footprint ASD® assembled a dedicated account team and tier 1 help desk. We have also created a library of resources on specific hardware and software to answer common questions.

T-Mobile didn’t want to disturb customers with construction in their stores, so all work had to be completed after hours or while the stores were closed. To get the job done right, ASD® used their OMNI platform to find skilled and reliable technicians. ASD® also used the AASDI mobile app to streamline the time spent on site even more. The app allows techs to check in with project managers in real-time, submit deliverables, verify progress, and check-out with the click of a button. This way when store managers got to work the following morning, everything is updated and ready to go.

Project Profile: T-Mobile Tech Rollout Checkout
Project Profile: T-Mobile Tech Rollout Store


T-Mobile is always updating their technology to ensure they remain competitive, so there have been several rollouts during our partnership. We have updated POS systems, deployed iPads, completed router and switch upgrades, installed digital signage, upgraded their structured cabling, and more. T-Mobile is always looking for the next best thing and they use ASD® to make it happen. Since we started working with T-Mobile 4 years ago, they have doubled their customer base. Part of this tremendous growth can be attributed to their rapidly expanding retail footprint and positive in-store customer experience. ASD® was glad to be a part of this incredible journey and looks forward to helping T-Mobile stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Project Summary:

  • 4,000+ Projects
  • Technologies: Digital Signage, POS, Wireless, Routers, Switches, Structured Cable, Audio Visual Systems, and More
  • 6 Years of Work and More to Come