A 5-week, 150 site access control rollout is accomplished in just two weeks to meet the client’s deadline


A storage unit client wanted to standardize and update the intercom systems at 150 of their facilities. Cost and speed of deployment were their top concerns. They needed a vendor that understood their urgency and had the experience and resources to execute the large project with a short deadline successfully.


  • What’s the most efficient way to get materials on-site?
  • How can we source and manage technicians to ensure we meet the deadline?
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The project started with nine pilot sites. ASD® successfully installed the access control intercoms and was awarded the remaining 150 sites for phase two. The rollout was initially slated to take five weeks. Due to budgetary concerns, the client pushed for an expedited timeline of two weeks. Luckily, ASD® has systems and processes in place to maximize efficiencies and deliver projects quickly.

To streamline the rollout, kits were packaged with the intercom, a Data Drop in a Box, client-provided signs, and additional parts. Data Drop in a Box is an all-inclusive structured cabling kit with iCAT-ITS cable, faceplates, jacks, and everything needed for a data drop. Once assembled, the kits were labeled and shipped to the technicians. Since most technicians were servicing multiple sites, sending directly to them streamlined the process. ASD® project managers relied on the AASDI network (Authorized ASD® Installers, pronounced “as-dee”) to locate reliable and vetted technicians. The techs used the AASDI mobile app to communicate with their ASD® project manager, check-in/out, submit deliverables, and get sign-offs. Utilizing the app reduced time on site, streamlined communication, and ensured that the client’s quality expectations were met.

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It was costing the client a lot of money to staff the storage unit facilities. Once the intercoms were added, a full-time on-site employee was no longer needed seven days a week, saving the client thousands of dollars. These cost savings is one of the reasons the clients pushed for an earlier completion date. The AASDI platform and kitted solutions helped the ASD® team rise to the challenge and completed the project on time. Now the storage facilities are only staffed when needed, but clients can page and get access to their unit at any time– a win for everyone.

Project Summary






Access Control


  • 9 pilot sites
  • 150 sites completed in 2 weeks, 3 weeks ahead of the initial due date
  • Kitted and shipped systems to sites for easy installation
  • Data Drop in a Box category 6A cable


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