Coworking space needed a low voltage vendor who could combine scopes, improve the quality of deliverables, and develop system standards.


Serendipity Labs is a coworking space with a mission to deliver an upscale, hospitality-based workplace experience. They want their members to have access to enterprise-class technology and security, so they brought in ASD®.


Serendipity must have reliable technology in their spaces, it’s a major selling point for their members, but they were struggling with vendors. They had different vendors all over the nation, the Serendipity team was continually dealing with quality control, and coordination was a nightmare. They needed a single provider who could service all of their locations, combine several scopes, and make their lives easier.


  • Can the workplace technology process be simplified while still ensuring quality deliverables?
  • The Serendipity team likes to know exactly where their projects and service tickets are at, how can ASD® give them this crucial insight?
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ASD® works very intimately with the Serendipity team. Our work begins together in the design phase, where ASD® engineers and Serendipity’s IT department work closely to develop the high-tech systems their spaces require. Then during the build portion, ASD® project managers take over coordinating the different trades and technicians, utilizing the AASDI mobile app to keep Serendipity in the loop. The AASDI mobile app allows our field technicians to check-in, submit deliverables, and get approval in real-time while working on site. In fact, the Serendipity team enjoys the mobile app updates so much that they will have technicians take photos of other tradesmen’s work to make sure the space is coming along.

ASD® helped them develop official standards to ensure every system in their spaces works flawlessly, regardless of location. Now they have very robust conference rooms with multiple presentation options, pivot speakers, video conferencing, and more. Their access control systems properly regulate the flow of people, and their cabling infrastructure is capable of handling future growth. These systems rarely have problems since they were properly designed and installed, but if something happens, ASD® also provides the support necessary to fix the issue.

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Since selecting ASD® as their sole low-voltage vendor, the Serendipity team has seen an improvement in project quality and efficiency. They no longer spend hours briefing new vendors on standards, they only have one point of contact to deal with, and they always know the status of their projects, whether it’s a new build or simple support ticket. This red carpet service during the initial workplace technology design and build has a resounding effect that their members can feel. Conference rooms are functional and easy to use, the building is safe and secure, and they have a reliable space that allows them to work and collaborate.

Project Summary


Corporate Office






Audio Visual

Video Conferencing

Access Control

Video Surveillance



  • 250 – 500+ iCAT-ITS Cat5E cables per-site installation
  • 3-8 access control doors and CCTV locations
  • 3-5 complex audio visual conference rooms
  • Up to 30 service tickets monthly


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