A fortune 100 big box retailer needed its video surveillance cameras serviced and cleaned across its nationwide footprint.


Big box retail stores have surveillance cameras around their properties to minimize shrinkage, deter crime, and help protect themselves from liabilities. But even the highest-quality cameras and installation jobs must be serviced over time. Camera domes and lenses get dirty and out of focus from dust, debris, and water. Our client needed a partner capable of servicing their 1,500+ locations with exterior video surveillance systems, so they called ASD®.


  • Who are the pertinent stakeholders for each site?
  • What should technicians do when they identify hardware issues?
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A dedicated Project Manager was assigned to this project and didn’t waste any time scheduling AASDI’s (Authorized ASD® Installers, pronounced “as-dee”). The AASDI database comprises 12,000+ certified, vetted, and rated technicians across the US. ASD® Project Managers can tap into this talent network to get reliable, insured technicians to sites across the country. Our PM coordinated between AASDIs, security managers, the lift rentals, and the on-site contact.

Across the sites, a mix of analog and digital cameras had to be serviced. First, lenses and domes were cleaned to ensure the clearest footage possible was captured. Next, cameras were re-angled if needed to ensure footage was free from obstructions. Lastly, the quality of the hardware and cables was inspected, potential problems or broken parts were identified, and the client was alerted with recommended next steps.

Surveillance cleaning locations


In all, the ASD® team completed 1,660+ service tickets across the United States. Our retail client is very satisfied with their freshly cleaned and maintained surveillance cameras. Now, if any incidents occur on the properties, their security managers know it will be clearly recorded.

Project Summary






Video Surveillance


  • 5-10 Cameras per site
  • 1,660+ tickets completed across the US, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • 7-month timeline


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