Convenience store adds access control system to beer fridges and cigarette dispensers to deter theft and improve loss prevention


QuickTrip is one of the largest privately-held companies, according to Forbes. They have over 850 stores in eleven states. In addition to gas pumps, they have large convenience stores often coming in at more than 5,000 SF. 


QuickTrip was noticing an increase in theft at some of their stores located in higher crime areas. They needed a loss prevention strategy to deter theft, particularly for their beer and cigarettes. They partnered with ASD® for multiple access control system rollouts in an effort to minimize shrinkage and better monitor activity.



  • What access control system will deter theft without slowing down the employee’s workflow?
  • Which areas need to have additional security measures?
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ASD® was brought in for two separate rollouts. One of them was to install locks on the beer coolers. The technician had to fabricate a special drill bit that would go through the aluminum and additional layers in the fixture. The locks were set on a timer to lock and unlock depending on the time of day automatically. The other rollout was to install access control readers and locks on the cigarette cabinets and kitchen doors. Now, employees need a keycard to access either of these restricted areas, and store managers can review access logs.

QT tech rollout locations


A single technician completed the rollouts over the course of several months. Doing so helped streamline the process, reduce errors and complications, and provide consistent outcomes across 50 project sites. In all, approximately 800 locks and access control points were installed. As a result, QuickTrip employees can now better monitor and control access to this sensitive inventory in an effort to minimize shrinkage. 

Project Summary



Quick Service




Access Control



  • 50 site access control rollout
  • Approximately 800 access points and locks installed
  • The beer fridge automatically locks/unlocks during set hours
  • The cigarette cabinets and kitchen doors can only be accessed by swiping employee keycards


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