Second largest construction camera provider needed a reliable installation partner to service job sites across the US and Canada


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OxBlue provides high-definition, professional cameras that deliver real-time visual construction data. These cameras offer visibility into job sites to ensure success through constant image monitoring and time-lapse video. They continue to grow at a breakneck pace and have already monitored over 28,000 jobs. 


OxBlue is a trailblazer when it comes to high-quality construction cameras, using special Nikon and Cannon cameras enclosed in custom mounting cases. Unfortunately, their clients often struggled to install and commission these complex systems. To sustain their growth, OxBlue needed a boots-on-the-ground nationwide partner to help clients install and get their cameras live while still delivering the superior customer experience they pride themselves on.

Important Considerations

  • Is there a single vendor that can help clients across the US and even internationally?
  • What will help streamline the installation process for quick turnarounds?
  • How can we ensure high-quality deliverables and satisfied end-users?
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When OxBlue needs an installation, they fill out a form and send it to the ASD® support team. The form is like a services menu with fixed-rate pricing. The OxBlue team selects what they need and provides a scope of work. After approval, the ASD® team utilizes the AASDI platform (Authorized ASD® Installer, pronounced "as-dee") to find a reliable, vetted technician. The AASDI network has over 12,000 partners with detailed records of licensing, insurance, and ratings. This helps the team find the best technician for the job, wherever it's located.

Having a large pool of talent to pull from is crucial since projects vary significantly in complexity. Some installations are simply mounting the camera on a building and coordinating commissioning. On the other hand, some jobs require a telescoping set up, mounting on large utility poles, and lifts just to get the camera installed. ASD® project managers, technicians, and the OxBlue team constantly communicate to ensure that deliverables meet quality expectations and that clients are satisfied before a tech leaves the site.

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On any given day, project managers and general contractors have a list filled with tasks and small details—and documenting what happens on the job site can be time-consuming. Keeping project records is more than a compliance or customer-enforced rule. It’s how contractors can show progress and roadblocks, protect themselves from disputes, and prevent miscommunication.

ASD® helps OxBlue meet its clients' needs by installing, commissioning, maintaining, and servicing the construction cameras. ASD® is OxBlue's authorized nationwide installation partner and has serviced hundreds of jobs, never missing a deadline and consistently exceeding installation goals. They have a team dedicated to their success. This limits the necessary points of contact, streamlines the process, minimizes room for errors, and ensures high-quality and consistent service time after time.

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  • 325+ projects annually
  • Job sites across 40 states and Canada
  • Streamlined service request process with fixed-prices
  • Installation, commissioning, and support for customer provided construction cameras
  • Partners since 2019

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