Unique family club needed a partner to help them coordinate a comprehensive technology design and build project that would result in a dynamic, fun, and high-tech space.


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Kefi is a modern family club designed for kids and parents with immersive 3D play experiences and coworking spaces under the same roof. They need functional, high-tech areas that cater to every age group, so they chose ASD® as their low voltage partner. 


Kefi caters to several age groups and needs technology that keeps everyone safe and enhances their experiences within the space. Solutions must be flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing environment and clientele. The technology package for the build project was going to be very comprehensive with a lot of moving parts, this proved to be a daunting undertaking for the Kefi team, and they needed a partner that would help them navigate the complex process. 

Important Considerations

  • What technologies should be used to ensure a flawless, safe, and fun experience for the end user’s customers?
  • The interactive content displayed throughout the facility needs to be dynamic and easily adaptable, what systems will give the Kefi team the flexibility they need?
  • Who will coordinate the different technology vendors on a project of this size and complexity?
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Initially, NTI, ASD’s daughter company, was selected to do the structured cabling design for the project. They brought ASD® into a meeting as a subject matter expert. Once conversations took place, it became clear that there was something the project was missing, a technology coordinator. This is someone who ensures that the multiple trades work together during the project to deliver successful end results. 

So ASD® stepped up to the plate and from day one was practically apart of the Kefi team, answering questions, attending meetings, and coordinating the low voltage stakeholders. We helped with the design and installation of several different technologies like the cabling, RFID readers, cameras, audio systems, projectors, and more. Having a single point of contact who was experienced helped the project run smoothly and efficiently.

Kefi Low Voltage Design


Kefi is now open for business and delights all who enter their incredible space. They have several themed rooms for kids, such as the Toy Testing Lab, Beat Box room, and Story Cave. All of the rooms provide interactive and immersive experiences. For example, you can design a dragon and control its flight by moving your body, all while watching it on a 40-foot projection wall.

Since the content, themes, and stories at Kefi can change daily, they needed a system that was dynamic and easy to update. With the current design, most technology can be controlled through a tablet, and major updates can be rolled out in real-time by their game designers. This means they can cater to younger children in the morning and provide a completely different experience for older kids in the afternoon. Building such a unique space was a big undertaking, but by partnering with ASD®, Kefi was able to create an environment that suited everyone’s wants and needs. 

Project Summary







Structured Cabling
Audio Visual Systems
Digital Signage
Video Walls


  • 16x40 Video Projection Wall - Projectors have blended edges for a seamless design and are suspended on a structurally engineered custom mount that can support the weight
  • 14 Interactive wall-mounted displays throughout the facility
  • 50 ft. Projected Image - Composed of 6 portrait mounted screens on a curved wall
  • 3 Overhead Projector Areas - All projectors were installed with overlapping coverage to reduce shadows, provide maximum coverage, and enhance the interactive experience
  • 7 Flat-panel displays
  • 8 separate zones with background audio systems

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