Workplace technologies design and build project for leading enterprise engineering software company headquarters.

Hexagon is a leading provider of enterprise engineering software with clients in over 60 countries worldwide. For their new headquarters in Huntsville, AL, a five-story 250,000 square foot facility, ASD® was selected to design and build the workplace technology package.

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Hexagon intended to refresh their image with their new headquarters in Huntsville, AL. The new facility needed to attract top talent and be considered one of the coolest places to work in the area. They imagined tall open ceilings and spacious layouts throughout the building, and a bright and colorful interior design. This would provide the atmosphere of collaboration and innovation required to continue their growth in geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

To do this, Hexagon would also need a state-of-the-art workplace technology experience. Every aspect of their technology strategy would need to be designed to enhance the atmosphere created by the interior designer, not hinder it.

Important Considerations:

  • In the visually appealing tall and open ceiling environment where do you place 4000 cables?
  • What does the next generation LAN look like?
  • How will our key people work together and give them private space to concentrate?
  • With our new campus, how will we get word out in time of emergency?
Project Profile: Hexagon conference room
Project Profile: Hexagon s-table


ASD® put a plan in place to incorporate a design, that satisfied not only the functionality of the required spaces, but also the overall aesthetics. Our Design Studio worked alongside the project architect to provide a complete technology design that would exceed expectations and meet the requirements of Hexagon.

  • Possibly the most impressive of the Audio Visual design, is the conference room overlooking the beautiful view of the large lake. ASD® designed and engineered a solution that included a hydraulic lift that, with a push of a button, will lower a 90” display in front of the window for the use of the conference room. Lake views are never obstructed when the room is not in use.
  • Using 3D design coordination in revit design studio created a cable basket tray that followed the winding open corridors and became one of the most aesthetically pleasing installations you can imagine.
Project Profile: Hexagon Intergraph conference room
Project Profile: Hexagon Intergraph HQ Office Outside


ASD® engineering worked with Hexagon’s IT leaders to scrutinize every aspect of their technology strategy. ASD® took on the challenge and successfully completed the Hexagon Headquarters project with a demanding timeline. The project required managing many different technicians and system installations. ASD® was able to successfully manage the project and stay on track while coordinating with the other trades as well.

Project Summary:

  • End to End iCAT-ITS® Structured Cabling System with over 4,000 Category 6 cables
  • Build of (14) IDF Closets
  • Integration of (34) Audio Visual Rooms
  • Deployment Enterprise Polycom Video Conferencing
  • IP Mass Notification and Space Privacy Solution with over (600) Endpoints
  • Campus Access Control System with (43) Doors with Video Surveillance system