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Hexagon is a global provider of engineering software solutions that drive productivity across geospatial and industrial landscapes. Hexagon and their clients are all too familiar with the headaches technology can cause. So when they need in-person support they reach out to their team at ASD®.


Hexagon specializes in enterprise solutions, this means their clients are often large organizations spread out across multiple locations. Hexagon struggled to find the necessary field support to cater to those clients considering some had more than 500 locations that needed frequent support visits. In addition, many of these were remote locations with dated systems so they required specialized technicians.

Important Considerations

  • How quickly can we get technicians on site?
  • How do we find technicians who are familiar and capable of fixing older systems?
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From coast to coast ASD® responds to 170 support tickets a month from Hexagon. Upon submitting a support ticket the ASD® team handles the project from scheduling through billing. Tickets range from 7-day SLAs to emergencies that need help same day. ASD®‘s extensive labor network enables us to send qualified technicians even in remote areas. In addition to tickets, ASD helps Hexagon clients when they need to move or grow averaging 30 large scale move-add-change projects a year.


ASD® is able to provide the feet on the street help that Hexagon needs. When a support ticket is submitted Hexagon knows that the problem will be resolved without any intervention needed from there. There is an average five day turnaround time on tickets which means Hexagon and their clients are headache free when it comes to their workplace technology.

Project Summary


Corporate Office




Structured Cabling 

Audio Visual Systems 

Access Control & Video Surveillance

Wireless Networks


  • 20 Years of Support
  • 2000+ Support Tickets Annually
  • Average 5 Day Turnaround Time
  • 30 Large Scale Move-Add-Change Projects a Year

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