Network infrastructure upgrades for the leading financial technology institution.


GreenSky is a financial technology institution based in Atlanta, GA. Started in 2006, GreenSky now has over 2.4 million satisfied customers. They value advocacy, enthusiasm, integrity, impact, and service. To help with their low voltage/structured cabling needs, they chose a company who shares those same values, ASD®.


GreenSky was founded on the idea that technology could enhance the user experience with payment, credit, and commerce. With over 2.4 million customers, a company is bound to have some growing pains. To support a growing customer base they needed more employees. To accommodate their employee growth they needed to expand their office space. To relieve these growing pains, they knew exactly who to call to help with their technology needs.

Important Considerations

  • When would be the best time for the technicians to go in and execute the job?
  • How will ASD® and GreenSky Credit work together to make sure the facility is ready at its target day?
  • What equipment will be the most cost-effctive choice for the client?


ASD® worked diligently with GreenSky Credit to deliver the best possible service in a timely manner. To do this, ASD® utilized the AASDI™ network from the beginning of the project to the end. The network allows our National Deployment Specialists to find the best qualified local technicians which save the client from paying any extra costs. Also, because the techs are local they can get to the site as quickly as possible. The AASDI™ mobile app provides real-time updates to our project managers which helps them stay in contact with each tech throughout the whole process.


As a result of the ASD® team diligence, GreenSky was able to move in on-time with no difficulties. Their network infrastructure can now accommodate the bandwidth of their busy office. ASD® iCAT-ITS products come with a lifetime warranty so they will never have to worry.

Project Summary


Corporate Office




Structured Cabling 


  • 330+ iCAT-ITS CAT6 Cables
  • 163 ft. Average Cable Length
  • 13,000+ Sq. Ft. Building Expansion

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