Multi-site manufacturing facility implements cloud-based access control system to standardize and regulate security operations.


DiversiTech is the largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading supplier of HVACR, electrical, automotive, and pool products. They maintain over 1 million SF of manufacturing and distribution space across the United States. To keep these facilities safe, they needed a new access control system, ASD® was there to help.


DiversiTech has several large facilities located across the US, Canada, and Europe. They wanted to standardize their access control systems across all sites and decided OpenPath was the best option. The first installer they hired didn’t meet their expectations, and they were seeking another, more reliable partner to work with; that’s when ASD® came in.


  • What access control system will allow for multi-site integration and secure remote management?
  • Considering the tight schedule, how can we ensure that the project gets delivered on time?
Diversitech Access Control Diversitech industrial install DiversiTech Openpath


OpenPath is a cloud-based, innovative access control solution. Its keyless entry system relies on users’ mobile phones and can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world. This makes it incredibly easy to scale and an ideal fit for multisite organizations. DiversiTech knew what product they wanted, but they needed a trustworthy installer to complete the projects. After trouble with the first installation partner, DiversiTech came in touch with ASD®.

ASD® relies on our AASDI (Authorized ASD® Installers, pronounced “as-dee”) network for installations. This is a database of over 12,000+ certified, vetted, and rated technicians across the US. Project managers can dispatch a tech to a site quickly with the confidence that they will go above and beyond to get the job done right. This was precisely the case for DiversiTech, even with the compressed timeline.

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At ASD®, our project managers are like our secret sauce. They average over 16 years of experience and act as a single point of contact for clients. This simplifies the project process and allows for a more efficient installation. PMs take on the task of coordinating the multiple stakeholders and parties -from inspectors to technicians- ensuring no details slip through the cracks, so the projects can run smoothly. This approach ensures high-quality deliverables and satisfied clients at the end of every project, which is just what DiversiTech needed. Together, we are continuing to implement OpenPath access control throughout the facilities with several projects scheduled for the year.

Project Summary


Industrial & Manufacturing




Access Control


  • Approximately 14 access control doors per facility
  • 2 projects completed with more scheduled
  • Integrated, cloud-based, keyless entry, access control system by OpenPath


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