Senior living community needed a nationwide vendor to design, build, and support a reliable access control system that keeps patients and employees safe.



Brightview Senior Living is an award-winning assisted living community with locations along the east coast. Their goal is to keep residents and staff safe, active, and healthy. To do so, they needed a high-quality cabling infrastructure and access control system, so they brought in ASD®.


Brightview is rapidly expanding, adding about five new locations every year. The Brightview team was having to manage all these different vendors that changed for every technology, every project site, and every phase. This was proving to be a troublesome task and was ultimately leading to poorly executed systems. Eventually, they decided that it was time for a change, and they decided to bring on ASD® to help with their low voltage infrastructure concerns.


  • What can ASD® do to simplify the coordination efforts on behalf of the Brightview team?
  • How can the quality of deliverables be improved?
  • Which systems will keep patients and staff safe?
Brightview Locations Map
Brightview Senior Living


ASD® provides the design, build, and on-going support for their access control, structured cabling, and networking across the east coast. This means that there is only one low voltage vendor for the Brightview team to deal with because ASD® now handles the coordination and has absorbed the multiple scopes. From the initial site survey, through a service ticket months later, Brightview has just one number to call.

Brightview Low Voltage Theater


By selecting ASD® as their primary provider Brightview is finally able to relax knowing that the work will be completed on time, in-budget, and to their standards. They don’t have to waste time coordinating multiple vendors; instead, they’re able to focus on what they need to do. This consistency and simplicity have drastically improved their internal processes and led to higher quality deliverables in the long run.

Perhaps the biggest benefit lies in the enhanced safety that comes with a reliable access control system. When you have a senior living facility with areas designed specifically for patients with Alzheimers and dementia, all doors must be continuously monitored and secured. You can’t just let the system go down for days at a time, or it could jeopardize a patient or staff’s health and safety. With ASD® designing and installing everything, the Brightview staff knows they’re getting quality systems that are built to last. Even if something does go wrong they know exactly who to contact to get the problem resolved quickly.

Project Summary


Senior Living






Structured Cabling 

Access Control & Surveillance


  • Brightview has 40+ locations across the east coast
  • 200 – 400 iCAT-ITS Cat6 cable drops per location
  • 30+ access control doors per location
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for service tickets

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