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ABC Financial provides gym management and software services for health clubs and fitness centers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. They aim to attract and retain gym members by reducing payment processing costs. To keep their costs down, they use ASD® for their technology installation needs.


ABC Financial aims to increase, create, and simplify with their technology solutions and services. They pride themselves on offering cutting edge technology and top quality customer service to over 7,000 health clubs worldwide. With many of their gyms located in remote areas, finding the best technicians for the job was going to be difficult.

Important Considerations

  • Will ASD® be able to find technicians to service their remote locations?
  • With the gym being open 24hrs, what would be the best time to complete this job?
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ABC trusted ASD® to provide the best quality technicians and equipment for the job, and rightfully so. Many of their locations are geographically spread out and remote, so ASD® utilized their AASDI™ network. The AASDI™ network has access to over 12,000 qualified technicians across the United States. This makes it easier for our National Deployment Specialists to find the right tech, at the right price for the job. The AASDI™ Mobile App has the information our techs need to execute the job at hand in a timely manner, receives updates, track deliverables, and close out successfully.

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ASD® has been the main point of contact for over 80 ABC Financial Projects, with more to come. They commend us for not only making their job easier, but the end-users as well. With new Access Control systems in place, the fitness center employees and members will feel safer.

Project Summary






Structured Cabling 

Access Control & Video Surveillance


  • 80+ projects completed with client
  • Access Control systems utilizes bar code key tags instead of traditional key cards
  • Single door access points in most locations

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