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ASD® has a deep portfolio full of Government and Military project experience. We're familiar with building codes, licensing, and what current technologies will help your organization keep people safe and productive. Whether it's multi-purpose AV rooms, a fiber backbone, or biometric access control -our team of experts is ready to design, install, and support your spaces.

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"ASD® has stepped in as a project manager and been flawless with their communications, expertise, and willingness to answer questions at any time."

Michele Lindemann

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"ASD® has stepped in as a project manager and been flawless with their communications, expertise, and willingness to answer questions at any time."


What ASD® Can Do For You

Government and military projects often have specifications, requirements, and nuances that only experienced partners truly know how to navigate. From equipment specs to technicians security clearance, being familiar with these challenges ahead of time allows project managers to swiftly address them and still deliver projects on time and within budget. Our experienced team is ready to develop a low voltage system that keeps your organization secure, improves employee productivity, and delights all who enter the space.

ASD® can design, install, and support all of your low voltage technologies, including but not limited to: 

Audio Visual

Training Rooms

Digital Signage

Video Walls

Conference Rooms

Video Conferencing


Sound Masking


Mass Notification




Access Control

Video Surveillance

Visitor Kiosks

Control Rooms



High-Speed WiFi

Energy Management

Smart Lighting

Occupancy Sensors

Facial Recognition

Why the Government and Military Choose ASD®

We are here to help you keep your people safe and your assets secure. We are here to enable your teams to collaborate free from constraint and to allow individuals to focus without distraction. We are here to make sure your meetings start and finish without tech support, and we are here to help you communicate your brand to all who enter your space. But why do companies just like yours choose to partner with ASD®?

Longevity in the Industry

ASD® has been in the low voltage space for over 30 years. During this time, we have successfully serviced hundreds of locations from small single-site server refreshes to nationwide technology deployment projects. 

Full Lifecycle Services

From conception to completion, ASD® is ready. Your organizations deserve a single source where projects can be imagined, installed, rolled out, and maintained. With our design, build, deploy, and support services, you can rely on a single provider for your workplace technology's entire lifecycle. 

Multiple Low Voltage Technologies

Make your life easier by combining scopes and vendors. ASD® has advanced technical capabilities in audio visual, security, privacy, notification, infrastructure, led lighting, and any other low voltage technology your organization would need.

Experienced Team

Our culture of teamwork, ownership, and accountability is second to none. On average, our project managers have 16 years of experience. Not only that, but our team is rich with certifications like RCDD, CTS-D, DMC-E, PMP, and more. This all means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is in good hands when it's at ASD®.

National Footprint

With a single call, you can engage us on any artificial intelligence technology from coast to coast. We go where you go, whether it's Jupiter, FL or Juno, AK. We have over 12,000 technicians across the United States who are ready to mobilize and get to your project site.


In energy savings when implementing and integrated smart building system


Decrease in energy consumption when the GSA implemented wireless LED lighting controls


Of employees report having overheard confidential information at work


Recall rate for messages communicated via digital signage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your technicians pass security clearance?

Yes. Many of our technicians hold the security credentials needed for entry and access to special sites. Project managers are more than willing to accommodate any additional security measures or protocols that your project may require. 

Can you meet military specs for materials?

Yes. We have several product offerings that meet military specifications, and our team of designers and engineers will ensure that all of the low voltage systems meet your organization's requirements. 

Can you bond the projects?

Yes. ASD® can meet most bond requirements, your designated account rep should help you address this early on in the process.

How much does a typical project cost?

There is no "normal" cost; it depends on your organization's needs and requirements. The more high-tech, the more it is going to cost. To get a better feel for factors that influence cost (and how to save money), go to our Resource Library and download our purchasing guides. Or if you're ready for some rough numbers, check out our Technology Project Budget Calculator.

Client Success Stories

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Project Profile: Aaron's divisible room
Enviva Feature
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