ASD® works with construction firms every day to reduce overall project costs and schedule challenges by providing superior low voltage installation and coordination.

ASD® understands that you are concerned, on behalf of your clients, about price, the ability to meet the schedule, and reliability when it comes to choosing partners on any workplace technology project.

  • No need to micromanage us, we are a technology prime contractor ourselves, multiple scopes
  • Ability to meet the schedule
  • Ability to finance the project because General Contractor’s will not pay their subcontractors until they’ve been paid
  • Bonding capacity – can bond the big jobs
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Past experience
  • Timely billings / accurate
  • Relationship
  • Acceptance of their contract
  • Ease of engagement

ASD® partners with a host of industry leading brands like the samples shown here. Click here to view all of our partners.

[popup_trigger id=”crestron”]Crestron[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”aruba-networks”]Aruba Networks[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”biamp”]BIAMP[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”icat-its”]iCAT-ITS[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”arecont-vision”]Arecont Vision[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”polycom”]Polycom[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”hitachi”]Hitachi[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”atlas-sound”]Atlas Sound[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”s2-security”]S2 Security[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”tellabs”]Tellabs[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”cisco”]Cisco[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”axis-communications”]Axis Communications[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”allegion”]Allegion[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”avaya”]Avaya[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”planar”]Planar[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”extron”]Extron[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”cambridge-sound-management”]Cambridge Sound Management[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=”da-lite”]DA-LITE[/popup_trigger]

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Develop your technology budget and identify the critical factors that will impact your project pricing.

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