Class 4: How Integrators Can Harness More Power and Longer Distances

The convenience and safety of PoE with the horsepower and distance of AC power, our experts weigh in.


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Mike Castiglione

Chief Operating Officer, Automated Systems Design

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Ron Tellas

Technology & Applications Manager, Belden

tom leblanc nsca

Tom LeBlanc

Executive Director, NSCA


Duration: 1 Hour

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Topic: Class 4 Power

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An improved format of electricity is set to change how technology systems are powered. In the current version of the National Electric Code (2023 NEC) just released in September 2022, Class 4 power circuits will be included for the first time—and they open up new opportunities for integrators.

Join Belden, NSCA, and Automated Systems Designs as they team up to educate integrators so they’re ready to design and install new Class 4 systems.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The fourth circuit type to be introduced into the NEC - CL4 Power
  • Device use cases for fault managed power systems
  • Shifting from intelligent buildings that benefit the owner, to healthy buildings that focus on the occupants
  • How the National Electric Code standards and classifications evolve

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