The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

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Sometimes your workplace can feel loud, distracting, and even overwhelming. It can feel as if every time you make a phone call the whole office is listening. When you need privacy you have to step outside or whisper in the break room. It can be incredibly hard to focus and every time people laugh by the water cooler you find yourself getting distracted.

This scenario is detrimental to workplace productivity and profitability, but unfortunately, it’s the norm. In fact, 70% of offices have open floor plans and within those offices speech privacy is the #1 driver of worker dissatisfaction. The true cherry on top is that productivity in these open spaces drops by 66%.

So that trendy open floor plan is costing you money, a lot of money.

Your employees are getting less done and they’re more unhappy while they’re doing it. This leads to higher employee turnover, more sick days being taken, and higher expenses in your organization.

Your productivity isn’t the only thing being jeopardized though. The safety and well-being of your organization could be in danger too. If sensitive information is overheard by the wrong person you could have an HR nightmare or lawsuit on your hands.

So how do you improve speech privacy and reduce distractions?

Download The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking.

Your first thought may be: put up walls or add white noise. But those solutions are impractical and dated. Keep your floor plan the same and protect speech with Sound masking.

What is sound masking?

We’re glad you asked.

Sound masking is the low cost speech privacy solution your workplace has been waiting for. It decreases speech intelligibility helping everyone in your organization focus, relax, and feel more comfortable.

When you can’t make out all of the distracting noises around you, they’re easier to tune out. It works in every industry: Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Military, Law, Education, Finance, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking will teach you:

  • The difference between Sound Masking, white noise, and noise cancellation.
  • How sound masking works.
  • Sound Masking alternatives.
  • The impacts and benefits sound masking has on different industries.
  • How to find the right sound masking solution for your organization.

Get started by downloading your free eBook below.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

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