Tech Tip 2 How to Install a Mud Ring

Tech Tip: How to Install a Mud Ring

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After your cable has been pulled, it's time to install the mud ring. For this demonstration, we'll be using Data Drop in a Box the first all-inclusive data cabling kit. It has everything you need to do a single or double data drop, including:

  • Cat5E or Cat6 iCAT-ITS® Cable 100-300 ft.
  • Patch Cords
  • Surface Mount Box/Mud Ring
  • Faceplate
  • RJ45 Jacks
  • Termination Tool
  • Screws
  • Zip Ties
  • Before you begin cutting into the drywall, you want to make sure you're not going to hit a stud. There are several different methods you can use to avoid studs.

    1. If you're in a drop tile ceiling environment, you can move the tiles and look for the studs.

    2. Use a stud finder.

    3. Put your mud ring on the wall and mark one of the corners. Then push your drywall saw into the wall and cut horizontally as far as you need to go. If you hit a stud while cutting, pull out your saw and cut in the other direction.

    If you're able to cut horizontally and not hit a stud, then you're in the clear. Finish cutting out the rest of the drywall and grab your mud ring.

    The mud ring has two "ears" that will spin out and lock it into place. To begin, the ears or tabs should be facing inward. Place the mud ring in your drywall hole and use a Phillips head screwdriver to fasten the mud ring to the wall.  

    single gang bracket cable drop

    Check to make sure the mud ring is securely fastened. Once it's in place, you're ready to terminate the cable.

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