June 28, 2018

3 Reasons to Renew Your Workplace Technology NOW, Not Later

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The most successful businesses are those that employ the smartest people and equip them with the most intelligent technology.

Before you look ahead to anticipate ways to outperform your competition, you need to look around at your current operations and consider opportunities for immediate technology upgrades.

A recent global study by Aruba concluded that “Companies investing now more digitally-enabled workplaces will gain a competitive edge; indeed, the advantages of deploying new workplace technology go beyond helping employees finish tasks quicker, but also make the process more collaborative and enjoyable.”

By helping your people perform better now, your business is better prepared for whatever is next…

Reason #1: Enable Your People to Perform More Effectively

Based on the Aruba study, 64% of employees expressed concerns that their organization risked falling behind if new workplace technology wasn’t integrated.

To attract and retain the smartest people, don’t ask them to work with outdated technology that’s a step down from what they have at home. As the latest technologies become more of what most employees experience in their personal lives, they expect at least the same level of technology in the workplace.

The results from the study Aruba were clear: “Organizations and workplaces that fail to get ahead of the curve on the new generation of workplace technologies will limit employee results and lose their competitive advantage.”

The way people work at their best is evolving, and companies need to keep up.

Reason #2: Provide a More Energized and Collaborative Working Environment

A technology-enabled workplace design with people in mind says a lot about your brand and how you support those you serve – your customers and your employees.

If you can improve how well you provide customer service, sales support, decision makers with secure access to the data they need, on-demand connectivity for your people, clients, and partners to problem solve together regardless of physical proximity, and a more stress-free and safe workplace – why wait? If you aren’t sure where to begin, start with great questions.

Reason #3: There’s Never Been A Better Time Than NOW

Prepare for the future starting today. Decisions on technology upgrades may involve your internal IT, facilities managers, C-level executives, and specialized contractors, so you need a plan and trusted consultants and vendors to help budget, design and implement it.

Is your underlying technology infrastructure flexible enough to support your current and future needs? If it isn’t up to speed, start planning to upgrade it as your first step forward.

By investing in technology upgrades now, you’re on the fast track to success. Respond to the needs of your evolving workforce and the positive performance indicators can be immediate and sustainable.

The longer you wait, the more opportunity you miss and you may fall behind your competition.

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About the author 

Mike Castiglione

Michael is the Chief Operating Officer at ASD®. He has more than a decade of experience in the workplace technology space. His oversight includes management of ASD® operations, development of the ASD® cloud platform OMNI, and key initiatives to continuously improve the ASD® client experience.

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