Nexus: Why Does It Matter?

Nexus: Why Does it Matter?

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 Sales Tax is the tax charged in a state and/or local taxing jurisdiction when a buyer purchases products or taxable services. If the seller has nexus in the buyer’s state or state where the goods or services are consumed or constructed, then the seller has the …

6 Technologies for Safer Schhols

6 Technologies for Safer Schools

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Schools should be safe havens for learning, personal development, and character growth. But unfortunately, more students are viewing schools as unsafe and dangerous places. In fact, 7% of students reported missing school in the last 30 days because they did not feel safe. These statistics are …

Should Your Vendors be Avetta Certified

Should Your Vendors be Avetta Certified?

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When you hire a vendor or contractor you need to make sure they meet safety and sustainability requirements. So you should probably ask for proof of insurance and certifications. But here’s the thing… Proof of insurance just means the vendor can afford a basic package and …

Fun with ASD - Grill Day 2018

Fun with ASD: Grill Day 2018

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The Atlanta, Georgia office enjoyed a wonderful Luau-themed grill day. It started with everyone arriving in their Hawaiian shirts and leis and really got going when the grill masters began cooking. ASD provided the Hawaiian pork and chicken and the ASD team brought in a variety …

Cable Counterfeit vs Quality

Cable: Counterfeit vs. Quality

Steve Dean, RCDD Blog 2 Comments

When purchasing structured cable, cost is often at the forefront of decision making. However, in the world we live in, research should be the determining factor. It’s estimated that as much as 20% of the cable for sale in the market today is unsafe, unapproved, or …

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Masking

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Sometimes your workplace can feel loud, distracting, and even overwhelming. It can feel as if every time you make a phone call the whole office is listening. When you need privacy you have to step outside or whisper in the break room. It can be …