ASD Belden Announce Partnership

ASD® and Belden Announce Partnership

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ASD® is proud to announce our latest partnership with Belden. Belden is a global leader in signal transmissions and security solutions for mission-critical applications in enterprise and industrial markets. We now proudly offer their best-in-class products as an option to all of our clients. 

As 1 of 4 national distributors for Belden, ASD® can get the materials to your project site no matter where it is. Then our qualified technicians can ensure that it gets properly installed, tested, and running. Whether you need Belden for your Class A office space or manufacturing facility, ASD® can help make it happen.

This partnership means ASD® can offer a deeper product selection from one of the most established cabling manufacturers. Belden’s extensive product portfolio has all of the necessary infrastructure equipment for enterprise and industrial environments. Their industrial line of products is essential to ASD®'s clients because it will stand up in even the toughest of industries such as energy, oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, and transportation.

Industrial networks power everything from outdoor utility plants to complex indoor manufacturing lines. Temperatures fluctuate to extremes, which can create stress on the mission-critical network components. Ordinary commercial-grade devices aren’t equipped to handle these harsh environments. Belden has rugged, industrial-grade network components with a proven track record of withstanding temperatures from -70C to +150C.

In a series of laboratory tests, Belden cable was exposed to extreme temperatures. In high-temperature environments, the commercial grade cables had the conductor insulation melt. In the low-temperature tests, the cable became brittle making it crack when it was flexed or shocked. Check out the comparison below.

Belden cold industrial cable
Belden hot industrial cable

Belden has high-quality solutions for all of your applications and environments. ASD® can help you get the products and get them installed. If you're ready to discuss your next project, click here to contact a sales rep. If you have a project that requires multiple technologies then don't worry, we have partnered with dozens of organizations to bring you great products at the best prices. 

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