ASD International Technology Projects

ASD® International Projects

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 It’s known that ASD® works nationwide, but what about internationally? Our network of over 12,000 AASDIs allows us to work from coast to coast, and when our clients need us to, beyond. We are a full-service technology provider with no limits and no borders, and …

5 Fax Line Alternatives

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Fax lines are quickly becoming obsolete. Most people don’t even have a landline phone, let alone a fax machine. We still see them in government agencies, and lawyer’s and doctor’s offices because for years they were the industry standard. Standards change though, and neglecting to …

Low Voltage Terms for Dummies

Low Voltage Terms for Dummies

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There are a lot of low voltage terms, abbreviations, and slang that can be quite intimidating to newcomers and outsiders. If you need a basic understanding of the low voltage industry -because of a project, contract, or job – this low voltage terms list will …

LED Lighintg Mythbusters

LED Lighting Mythbusters

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The light-emitting diode, LED, is one of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions. However, some organizations are slow to adopt the new technology because of common misconceptions (or myths!) floating around in the market place. We’re here to clear the air once and for all! ** Queue …

What is Sound Masking?

What is Sound Masking?

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What is sound masking?  Sound masking is the process of adding background noise to make speech less intelligible, thus reducing distractions, protecting speech, and improving comfort. Or, more simply put, sound masking is noise used to cover other sounds and make them harder to distinguish. When background sounds …

LED Lighting Industry Guide

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Perhaps you’re considering the switch to LED lighting or maybe you’re just seeing what your options are, either way you’ve come to the right place. The LED Lighting Industry Guide by ASD has the info you need to evaluate if LEDs are right for your …

ASD Belden Announce Partnership

ASD® and Belden Announce Partnership

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ASD® is proud to announce our latest partnership with Belden. Belden is a global leader in signal transmissions and security solutions for mission-critical applications in enterprise and industrial markets. We now proudly offer their best-in-class products as an option to all of our clients.  As 1 …

8 Wireless Presentation FAQs

8 Wireless Presentation FAQs

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Wireless presentation systems are growing in popularity, and rightfully so. They allow users to seamlessly collaborate and share ideas, documents, videos, desktops and more on projectors, TVs, and bigger screens. This functionality is ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, classrooms and more. There …

ASD AJC Top Workplace

ASD Announced as a 2019 Top Workplace

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 More than 4,300 companies were nominated for the 2019 Top Workplaces award. Any public, private, non-profit, or governmental employer with at least 50 employees in metro Atlanta was eligible. Energage, an employee research and consulting firm, then surveyed the companies. More than 55,000 metro Atlanta …