AASDI™ Program

Quality Field Technicians

Established in 1992, our AASDI (Authorized ASD® Installers; pronounced “as-dee”) affiliates are strategically located across the United States and Canada. Over 90% of our AASDI partners are companies we’ve worked with for years. Our AASDI network represents 12,000 technicians and 1,700 points of operations who work diligently everyday to ensure that the clients of ASD® are well taken care of. The AASDI program allows ASD® to provide on-site support while also maintaining consistencies in project design, engineering and management.

Whether your project is a large single site construction project or rapid national deployment, the AASDI model is built to place the appropriate expertise for the project. ASD® is able to deploy technicians with many certifications to thousands of zip codes and scale up and down as needed.

Prior to using an AASDI, ASD’s process for onboarding includes verifying things such as Revenue, Financial Stability, Insurance, Licensing, Work History, etc. to ensure the demands of the project are met. The next step is having the right technical abilities on each project. In order to do so, we track upwards of one hundred manufacturer and industry certifications in the following areas:

  • Audio Visual
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Electronic Security (Access Control, Surveillance & Alarm)
  • Networking
  • Structured Cabling
  • Sound Masking, Paging & Mass Notification
  • Voice
  • The most important aspect the program has to offer are the relationships with each AASDI and a proven track record of success. Rating them on every project is essential to accountability and improvement. At the completion of each project, the ASD® Project Manager is required to provide a rating on the following criteria:

    Performance Evaluation

    Willingness to Accept Budget

    Customer Satisfaction



    Timeliness of Closeout Documents

    Meet or Exceed Schedule




    Please contact our AASDI Account Manager if you have questions, need help filling out an application, or want to learn more about the program.

    AASDI Account Manager