Interested in becoming an authorized ASD® installer (AASDI)?

Our AASDIs are partner affiliates who participate in three key areas of our business:

  • Sharing of national accounts – ASD® does not use our AASDI network as contractors. We are a source of business for them, and they also tap into the reach and resources of ASD® in serving their own local clients.

  • Group purchasing power
  • Development of best practices

The AASDI program (Authorized ASD® Installers; pronounced “as-dee”) is the technology deployment industry’s first organization of affiliated companies offering services as a cohesive unit.

Independently owned AASDI member companies provide a complete range of services to ASD® clients. Member companies are able to provide on-site support while maintaining consistencies in project design, installation and management.

Among the many benefits of being an AASDI member are:

  • Group purchasing on materials
  • National pricing equal to the pricing enjoyed by the “consolidators”
  • Rebates on your purchases
  • Certifications by manufacturer
  • National accounts payable program
  • Receive business in your area from ASD®
  • Independent National Service Consultants (NSCs) to provide national services to your existing local customers
  • National brand recognition of ASD®
  • Sharing of best practices


  • Purchase Structured Cabling Products Direct From ASD®
  • Stop Turning Down work Outside your market
  • Receive business in your area from ASD®

Complete and email AASDI documents listed below to to become an AASDI today!

  • Register

    Fill out our online form to register to become an AASDI.

  • Sign

    Download and sign the ASD® Master Agreement.

  • Complete

    Download and complete a Federal W-9 form.

  • Send

    Send a copy of Certificate of Insurance to include general liability and workman’s comp with ASD® listed as “Additional Insured”.

  • ACH

    Download and complete our AASDI ACH form.