Over 6,000 projects, many in remote locations, will be completed by the end of the year for a security integrator and end-user.


Integrated Security Solutions is a family owned company located in Kentucky. As integrators, ISS combines the best in digital recorders and camera equipment to protect investments. Dollar General selected ISS as their security integrator but they needed boots on the ground to get the work done, that’s where ASD® came in.


ISS is a security integrator for their client Dollar General. They strive to always deliver robust solutions and high-quality service, but with over 15,000 stores nationwide they had their work cut out for them. As if the sheer quantity of stores wasn’t enough, many of the locations were in remote, small towns. Finding the right technicians for the right price was going to be tough.


  • How can we keep technician costs low, even for remote locations?
  • With dozens of projects a week, how can we streamline the process to expedite turnaround?
ISSKY Dollar General Front ISSKY Tech ISSKY Checkout


To ensure that ISS and the end user got the quality of work they deserved, ASD® dedicated a team to the account. The next step was to document and outline the entire service process from start through completion. Then the team needed to find technicians. By utilizing the AASDI network and strategic route planning, the ASD® team was able to find technicians to service even the most remote locations quickly and within budget. Lastly, the AASDI Mobile App was utilized at every project site to check in, document and submit deliverables, and close out. All of these efforts ensured a smooth delivery and successful project, every time.

ISSKY Locations


ASD® has worked on over 5,000 ISS projects since the beginning of 2018 and that number is projected to break 6,000 by the end of the year. By continually delivering superior service and keeping the end-users needs in mind, ASD® is able to please ISS and Dollar General. Most importantly, clients and customers feel safer knowing that the security systems are properly placed and functioning.

Project Summary






Access Control

Video Surveillance



  • 6,000+ Project Sites Nationwide in 2018
  • 375+ Remodels in 2018
  • Technology: 12-16 Security Cameras per site, Point of View Monitors, and DVRs


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