Delivering successful projects from coast to coast with ASD® Rollout Services

ASD® Rollout Services has delivered tens of thousands of successful installations across North America. Our team is accustomed to renovations, relocations, new store builds and technology rollouts. For most rollout engagements, ASD® is hired by either the end user or another systems integrator as part of a project team bringing one of our workplace technology specialties.

ASD® deployment approach


  • Build an efficient schedule and a clear project cadence
  • Develop detailed scopes of work with an array of pictures and helpful installation tips
  • Create reporting, escalations and training plans for our internal teams

Staging & Logistics

  • Configuration, including image management and application of network settings
  • Inventory management, including custom reporting and serial number tracking
  • Accurate equipment tracking

Field Selection and Training

  • Our team of National Deployment Specialists (NDS) dispatches the work to hundreds of known and trusted AASDI technicians across the U.S.
  • The ASD® team selects the right resources in regards to location, skillset requirement, tools needed and past work ratings
  • Our AASDI teams receive training through videos and tech tips. Extensive project kick-off calls ensure that each AASDI technician is thoroughly prepared prior to arriving at a project site.

Onsite Coordination

  • Once onsite, our ASD® project managers and AASDI technicians leverage the AASDI Mobile App.
  • The app enables us to geotrack our field technicians, receive project photos in real time, and streamline the entire reporting and communication channel back to the customer.
  • Our Project Managers now have the ability to spend a larger percentage of their time inspecting and controlling quality without losing time sifting through emails and organizing deliverables one-by-one in the field.
  • Our AASDI partners can now create daily logs and document deliverables easier than ever before. Using technology to automate the process, our team can focus on the details of the project and we are able to show our clients results instantly.
  • AASDI technicians are required to check in, check out, and work with our project help desk team through technical obstacles
  • We require the AASDI technicians to submit the necessary project photos, sign-offs, and additional documentation to us before leaving the project site

Types of Projects

Point of Sale Installation, MPLS Upgrades, Wireless Site Surveys, Wireless Access Point installation, Time Clock installation, Server Refreshes, Windows Upgrades, CCTV Camera Refreshes, Video Conferencing Upgrades, Digital Signage Upgrades and many more.


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