Convenience store with 7,000+ locations needed a partner to support all of their low voltage systems throughout their lifecycles, from pilots and new builds, through support and closeouts


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7-Eleven is an international chain of convenience stores with over 7,000 locations in the United States. They needed a low voltage partner to help them with the installation, support, and closeouts for several low voltage systems. ASD® was the ideal partner.


7-Eleven was trying to grow and renovate their stores, but to do so, they needed more than a low voltage vendor. They needed a partner who could support multiple technologies throughout their lifecycle. Their stores are located across the United States with many in remote areas that are hard to access, but when a system went down, they needed someone on-site as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

Important Considerations

  • What can we do to ensure that technicians can diagnose and repair all of the low voltage systems in each store?
  • With a 4-hour SLA, how can we get techs on-site as quickly as possible?
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Unisys, an IT services company, was selected to help 7-Eleven with their technology initiatives. However, servicing all of 7-Eleven’s locations was going to be challenging. Unisys needed someone who could provide feet on the street to do the installation and support, so they brought in ASD®. Project work began in 2009 when ASD® installed cable and POS systems for around 50 pilot stores in Hawaii. The project was such a success, and Unisys was so pleased with our red carpet service, that they decided to continue the partnership for projects in the mainland US.

Once an SLA was established, the work began and over ~5,000 service tickets have been completed. When the technology broke or a new convenience store was slated to open, a manager simply submitted a ticket to ASD®. From there, one of our support team members tapped into the AASDI network (Authorized ASD® Installer, pronounced “as-dee”) to find an experienced technician close to the site. The AASDI program has a database with over 12,000 vetted and rated technicians located across the United States. This means that even the most remote stores could be serviced promptly. Once contacted, the tech was immediately dispatched. They were equipped with detailed manuals, created by our support team, that outlines the troubleshooting and repair guidelines.

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7-Eleven and Unisys relied on ASD® for pilots, rollouts, refreshes, new-builds, closeouts, and support. Since they combined scopes, they only had one vendor and a single point of contact to work with, regardless of location or need. This streamlined processes, increased efficiencies, and reduced the headache that generally comes with technology issues. The 24/7/365 4-hour SLA ensured that no 7-Eleven store suffered from long downtimes, and our vetted AASDI partners always delivered red carpet service.

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Structured Cabling 


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Inventory Tablets

Wireless Network


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 4-Hour SLA
  • 5,000+ projects completed, including pilots, refreshes, rollouts, service tickets, new builds, and closeouts

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