LED Lighting Solutions

Bring More Control, Elegance, Energy Savings and Building Security to Your Workplace with LED Lighting

Now’s the time to consider multiple LED Lighting upgrades, new installations, and digital controls across your entire infrastructure. With the help of an ASD® Consultant, you can minimize upfront costs and enjoy an energy efficient and elegant experience of LED Lighting.

Services can be tailored to your unique LED Lighting needs for single or multiple locations and regional or national programs. Our lighting and control solutions can integrate with your legacy systems or we can provide new workplace technologies across your entire enterprise.

ASD® works directly with end users and can coordinate with architects, project management firms, and general contractors on LED lighting project initiatives. The LED Lighting and Control Solutions provided by ASD® are used in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Distribution Centers
  • School Systems
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Data Centers
  • Government Agencies


Complete Your Custom Lighting Analysis

  • Quality of light required
  • Color of light desired

Calculate Energy Savings and ROI

  • Contact an ASD® consultant for detailed ROI projections

Identify Power Company Incentives and Rebates

  • Investigate Tax Incentives
  • Determine Qualifying Grants

Variety of LED Lighting Packages 

  • Custom Retrofit Lighting
  • Smart Lighting and Controls
  • Complete LV Lighting

Whether you need some rough numbers to reference in your next meeting or want to talk specifics, one of our ASD® experts will be glad to help you. Click below to view quick ballpark estimates based on industry standards and our project experience.

Featured Projects

Below are some of our best LED Lighting project profiles. They showcase technology implementation that is functional, creative, and ultimately an asset to the workplace. 

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Technology Partners

ASD® partners with a host of industry leading brands like the samples shown here. Click here to view all of our partners.

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ASD® LED Lighting Products

The LED Lighting and Control Solutions provided by ASD® are used in variety of industries nationwide. They are UL and ETL Listed, 3rd Party tested and found to exceed industry standards. Our LED Lighting installations range from multiple outdoor environments to all varieties of indoor spaces.


2x2 and 2x4 Troffers

High Bays

Wall Packs

Street/Parking Lights

Corn Lights

$140 - $200

2x4 Luminaires for Ambient Lighting of Interior Commercial Spaces (PKZDUDSN)

$225 - $400

LED High Bay (CLS-HB06032-105-40K | CLS-HB06044-165-40K | CLS-HB11632-210-40K)

$200 - $375

Outdoor Non-Cutoff and Semi-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires (PX9EWB3X)

$450 - $1K

Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires (PQ6VG7W5)

$100 - $300

LED Corn Light (SNC-CLW-40WA1)

LED Lighting Pricing

The specific pricing for LED lighting depends on the types and quantities of various units required to meet your specific needs. Based on an onsite analysis of your facility and/or your list of requirements for either single or multiple locations, we can provide you with options and estimates. From competitive pricing to expert installations, all your LED lighting needs are answered when you ask ASD.  Typical price ranges per fixture, including installation, are shown below.

Based on our experience, you can expect 100% ROI within approximately 12 to 36 months of LED installations.

Some factors that contribute to overall cost of the design.

rebate programs icon


Most local power companies provide incentives for conversion to to LED lighting. In some cases this could pay you from to 50 to 75 percent of the cost of your project.

manufacturing & warranty icon


Warranties vary from five to ten years depending on the manufacturer. Certain lights will have a longer warranty coverage which will increase the price per fixture.

voltage icon


The voltage that the lights operate on can vary. Typically, 277 volt lighting is about $100 less expense per fixture than 480 volt fixture. 480 volts primarily applies to outside parking lot lighting.

dropped tile or fixed ceilings icon


On retrofit jobs where existing lights are in fixed hard sheetrock ceilings then a different size sheetrock ring will be needed to support the new LED light which will increase the price. For drop ceilings, the sizes are the same which will keep your costs lower.

disposal costs icon


For retrofits, costs to dispose of bulbs and fixtures of current lighting needs to be considered. Fluorescent lights must be disposed of properly because they contain gases and some mercury that need to be recovered. Upon proper disposal, you should receive a “death certificate” proving disposal was complete.

lighting controls icon


Controls such as dimmers, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting will allow you to control when and how much power the lights use. This can reduce your power bill by up to an additional 35%.

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