Workplace Reconfiguration

How can I best utilize my space?

COVID-19 is forcing us to rethink our existing workplace. To keep people safe and health changes have to be made. Spaces designed for sharing, collaboration, and interaction, must be reconfigured with physical distancing and wellness in mind. There are many ways to prepare your office for workplace re-entry, and you will likely need a combination of the following services. 

  • Rapid Deployment of IoT Devices
  • Technology Consulting
  • Revit & AutoCAD Technology Coordination
  • Low Voltage Cable Installations

Reconfiguration Services

The post-COVID office is going to look different. Whether you have a device picked out and need it installed quickly, want help brainstorming with your design team, or are looking for a cabling installer to do a cubicle restack. ASD® is ready to help adjust your space to prepare for the new normal.

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Restacks and Cable Installations

To adhere to physical distancing guidelines, you may need to reconfigure the current layout in your office. Our rock star team of licensed technicians is ready to run cable, so your organization can get up and running quickly.

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Technology Consulting

Our experienced team of designers and engineers can put together a plan for your new workplace that keeps everyone and everything safe and secure. Together we'll get the right COVID-19 tech solutions for your organization's size, needs, and budget.

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Revit & AutoCAD Technology Coordination

Looking to add occupancy sensors throughout your building? Upgrading all of your locations to a cloud-based access control system? We can help deploy your new systems across your entire footprint.

IoT Device Rollout

The pandemic has created a new need for IoT devices. We need technology that minimizes common touchpoints, screens individuals to ensure they're healthy, enforces physical distancing guidelines, and makes all these new processes easier to manage. If you need help quickly installing and integrating these new devices and systems, we're here to help. 

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Touchless Technology

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Screening Technology

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Distancing Technology

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Automation Technology

Our Technology Partners

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Workplace Reconfiguration Resources

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