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How can I prevent sick people from entering our space?

COVID-19 presents itself with several signs and symptoms, the most noticeable being an elevated body temperature. Screening people before they enter your space can identify those who are symptomatic but perhaps aren't aware. Implementing these solutions can also reduce your liability and ensure compliance with government regulations so you can get back to business.

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Digital Signage Notifications
  • Temperature Measurement via Kiosks
  • Temperature Measurement via Thermal Cameras

Wellness Screening Solutions

There are various screening solutions, depending on your organization's size, needs, and budget. To keep your organization safe, the technology you select will likely need to be integrated with other systems to ensure at-risk individuals are handled appropriately. 

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Automated Wellness Forms

Health attestations are a cost-effective way to screen people, but dealing with paper forms can be cumbersome. Automating the process with a mobile health check-in ensures people are screened without tying up valuable resources.

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Thermal cameras can detect those with elevated body temperatures. These individuals can then be further tested to help reduce the spread of viruses. FLIR makes handheld and fixed-mount cameras as well as IR-thermometers.

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Soter Technologies

SymptomSense™ is a versatile touchless health screening and metal detector. It screens for CDC recommended symptoms like elevated body temperature, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate these technologies with additional systems for a more comprehensive safety solution. For example, if a person fails to pass the screening process, their access control privileges can be immediately suspended. CCTV cameras with facial recognition can track specific individuals movements. And wellness checks completed via a virtual assistant can provide a better client-facing experience.

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Wellness Forms and Access Control

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AI to Track Infected Individuals

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Screening and Virtual Check-In

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