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How can I promote physical distancing?

Physical distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This can be challenging for workplaces that have spent years trying to maximize their square footage. The CDC advises the use of technology to help promote physical distancing. The following systems help encourage staff and visitors to maintain a safe distance as they move through the space.

  • Occupancy Management
  • Integrated Video Surveillance
  • Remote Unlocking, Scheduling, and Locking of Access Areas

Occupancy Management

New government regulations and guidelines mean that organizations must control and limit the number of people in a space. Occupancy management systems can integrate access control, security cameras, IoT sensors, and digital signage for an automated and effective distancing solution. 

SafeCount - Dashboard - Customer - Green

Control the Flow of People in a Space

SafeCount - Dashboard - Attendant

Robust Reporting Dashboards

SafeCount - Dashboard - Customer - Red

Customer-View Interfaces

Physical Distancing Solutions

Monitoring and enforcing distancing can be challenging and expensive, especially for organizations with bigger footprints. Utilizing IoT sensors, AI, and CCTV can help automate the process, reducing complexity and expenses while improving accuracy and speed. The following expert-recommended solutions will help simplify occupancy management and enforce physical distancing.

camio physical distancing


Turn an existing security camera into a social distancing camera. Detect hot spots and problem areas, so you know where to implement additional safety measures. It also has tailgating detection, smart search capabilities, and custom alerts.

rhombus physical distancing


This IoT sensor platform provides insights into your space and delivers real-time sensor data with synchronized video that detects anomalies and triggers alerts. Additional capabilities include facial recognition and face mask and 6-foot physical distancing detection.

Irysis occupancy management


SafeCount by Irisys is an IoT sensor that anonymously counts people as they enter and exit a space. It provides live occupancy data and can be connected to digital signage and speakers to trigger alerts when limits are approached or exceeded.

openpath occupancy management


Track and control occupancy with your access control system. Using Bluetooth and entry/exit readers, you can monitor real-time occupancy and automatically restrict access to a space once a set threshold is reached. You can also enforce alternating schedules.

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