COVID-19 Tech for Workspaces and Conference Rooms

Preparing the Office for Workplace Re-Entry

COVID-19 forced many organizations to transition to remote work. This may be a suitable interim solution, but many jobs require being on-site, and there are certain benefits to the office that you can't replicate remotely. In fact, according to a 2020 survey released by Gensler, people still prefer the office when given the choice of where to work.

While your home might be the go-to place for deep-focus work, the office is still the best place to meet, collaborate, and interact with coworkers. However, we can't expect employees to return to the workplace until we make the necessary changes to make them feel safe. The following technology systems help create an environment that promotes health and wellness so you can begin transitioning back into the office. 

Cordless Conferencing

The conference room isn't dead; it just needs to be reimagined to suit our new normal. Minimizing common touchpoints is crucial to reducing the spread of germs. Of course, this poses a challenge for conference, huddle, and board rooms designed for collaboration and interaction. Implementing cordless solutions can minimize high-touch and hard to sanitize surfaces like USBs, HDMI cables, volume buttons, light switches, etc. Cordless conferencing, combined with intelligent disinfection and room scheduling, provides a safe and clean space so your team can focus on more important matters.

cordless conferencing solutions

Crestron Mobile Room Control

Connect a smartphone to a smart room to instantly and securely control the room's functions–without touching any screen but your own. Just open the app and easily start a meeting, control the lighting, and begin presenting.

  • No Additional Programming Required
  • Optional Additional Security Features
  • Simple User Interface

Crestron Mercury

Transform any room into a powerful conferencing and collaboration space with this enterprise solution. The cloud-based management platform allows you to remotely monitor and control the system as you scale and deploy throughout your organization.

  • Bluetooth® Audio Pairing
  • AirMedia® for Wireless Presentation
  • Built-in Occupancy Sensor
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covid-19 technology conference rooms

Mersive Solstice

Enable users on any device to quickly share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays. This system can drive more engaging and productive meetings. Additionally, it can be easily managed, monitored, and analyzed from the cloud platform. 

  • Enterprise Security Measures
  • Leverages Existing Infrastructure
  • Management Dashboard

Barco ClickShare

ClickShare is a wireless conferencing solution that works with your existing room set-up. Instantly connect your screens, speakers, and microphones with the click of an easy-to-disinfect button. This ISO certified platform adheres to the highest security standards.

  • BYOM: Bring Your Own Meeting
  • Seamless Network Integration
  • Management Dashboard
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Workplace Reconfiguration

The post-COVID office is challenging many of the design trends we've adopted over the past several years. Spaces that have emphasized sharing, collaboration, and interaction, must be reconfigured to promote distancing and wellness. You need to rethink your current spaces and adapt them to keep people safe and maintain compliance. This can be a complicated and confusing process, but or team is ready to help you navigate this unchartered territory and prepare your organization for the new normal.

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Rapid Deployment of IoT Devices

Looking to add occupancy sensors throughout your building? Upgrading your locations to cloud-based access control? Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and project managers can quickly rollout any technology across your organization's footprint.

  • Nationwide coverage  
  • Full technology lifecycle support  
  • Multiple low voltage technologies

Restacks and Cable Installations

To adhere to government regulations and guidelines, you may need to reconfigure your office's current floorplan. This includes moving desks 6-feet apart, restacking cubicles, and running low voltage cables to these new locations. 

  • Enforce Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Certified and Vetted Technicians
  • Dedicated Project Manager
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workspace solutions covid technology consulting

Technology Consulting

Our team of experts can help you assess your organization's current state, identify how to leverage your existing technologies more effectively, and implement new solutions for a safer and more productive workplace. 

  • Revit & AutoCAD Technology Coordination   
  • Single Point of Contact 
  • Strategic Planning and Support

Office Management

AI, automation, and smart technology can make the post-COVID office transition a bit easier and increase the effectiveness of your workplace re-entry plan. Utilizing these technologies can simplify the management, and oversite needed to keep people safe. The following COVID-19 systems automatically monitor, alert, and clean, you only need to step in when they detect a problem. These systems also provide detailed data and insights that can help you stay compliant and continuously improve your new workflow.

igor intelligent disinfection

Igor Intelligent Disinfection

Use the disinfecting power of UV light technology to clean the office. Sanitize conference rooms between uses, common areas when empty, and open areas once everyone has left for the day. Integrate with your other systems to completely automate the process.

  • Checks for Occupancy Before Sanitizing
  • Automatically Lock Doors During Cleaning
  • Kills More than 99% of Pathogens

Cleaning Alerts

Automate cleaning alerts to notify your janitorial staff when someone leaves a conference room, office, or desk so they can disinfect the area. Trigger the alert by scanning a QR code, checking out, or automate the process with occupancy sensors.  

  • Scalable and Secure
  • Real-Time Desk and Room Availability
  • Contact Tracing
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rhombus access control

Rhombus Systems

Make your organizations more secure, intelligent, and productive with this cloud-based console. The IoT platform includes AI-powered security cameras and smart sensors that work seamlessly together, giving you detailed insights into your space.

  • People Counting
  • Unusual Behavior Detection
  • Facial Recognition


Turn your existing security camera into a social distancing camera with Camio. It uses AI and machine learning to provides valuable insights, automatically detect hotspots, identify individuals wearing masks, and monitor social distancing. 

  • Smart Alerts and Dashboards
  • Unlimited, Tamper-Proof Cloud Storage
  • Easy on Your Network  
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