COVID-19 Tech for the Lobby and Access Areas

Preparing the Office for Workplace Re-Entry

Your lobby and access areas are the first line of defense in preventing the spread of germs in the workplace. They present the opportunity to screen individuals, control the flow of traffic, and minimize common touchpoints. Thoroughly preparing these spaces for the new normal will send a message that your organization prioritizes health and wellness for all who enter. The following COVID-19 technology systems can help keep employees, clients, and visitors safe and give them peace of mind. 


Cloud Based Security for Safer Reopening 

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Touchless Entry

Reducing common touchpoints can help safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces. This poses a challenge for workplaces with high-touch areas like door handles, keypads, biometric readers, and elevators. There are a variety of touchless entry solutions that can be implemented in any size organization to help you comply with government regulations. 

openpath touchless lobby solutions


Automate security procedures and enforce compliance with this cloud-based access control system. The touchless solution allows you to enter spaces via mobile credentials and hands-free unlock configurations, eliminating touchpoints. 

  • Activity Notifications
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Instant Mobile Credentialing


The smart intercom allows you to easily manage property access from your smartphone. Unlock doors, manage delivery people, and talk to service providers from the safety of a remote location. This minimizes in-person contact and a number of touchpoints. 

  • Virtual Keys
  • Voice Control Integration
  • Video Calling
butterfly mx covid lobby solutions
automatic door opener covid tech


For a completely hands-free entry experience, you need to integrate your access control with an automatic door opener. Installing the hardware on an existing electrified door helps minimize costs while eliminating a high-traffic touchpoint.

  • Simply Add Hardware to Existing Doors
  • Minimal Downtime During Installation
  • ADA Compliant Options

Hands-Free Elevators

For those who work in multi-tenant spaces and high-rises, there are additional touchpoints that need to be addressed once you're in the building. The right solution will depend on the number of elevators and their capacity, the number of floors, and end-user goals. Smart elevator options include:

  • Relay-Based Configurations
  • Destination Dispatch Integrations
hands free elevator touchless entry

Wellness Screening

Screening people before they enter your space can identify those who are symptomatic but aren't aware. There are a variety of screening solutions, depending on your organization's size, needs, and budget. To keep your organization safe, the technology you select will likely need to be integrated with other systems to ensure at-risk individuals are appropriately handled. 

soter wellness screening

Soter Technologies

SymptomSense™ is a versatile touchless health screening and metal detector. The five-second, full body scan identifys and detects CDC recommended symptoms like temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, and respiratory rate. 

  • Wireless
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Non-Invasive


Thermal cameras can measure skin surface temperature and detect those with elevated body temperatures. These individuals can then be further screened to help reduce the spread of viruses and infections. Temperature screening options include:

  • Handheld Thermal Camera
  • Fixed-Mount Thermal Camera
  • IR-Thermometer
flir thermal cameras
wellness forms lobby solutions

Wellness Forms

Health attestations are a cost-effective, easily scalable way to screen employees and visitors. Automating the process with a mobile health check-in ensures people are well enough to enter your facility without tying up valuable resources. 

  • Integrate with Access Control
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Easily Scalable

Enforce Distancing

Physical distancing is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Enforcement begins at the entry points where you can control the flow of people and adhere to occupancy limits. The right solution will likely involve sensors, cameras, and digital signage to automate the process. However, many existing access control systems can easily be upgraded to provide this additional functionality. 

rhombus covid 19 technology

Rhombus Systems

This IoT platform provides a fully integrated physical security solution with cloud-based security cameras and multiple sensor options. Gain valuable insights to protect your organization and increase efficiencies.

  • Full Audit Logs
  • Unusual Behavior Detection
  • Facial Recognition


Turn your existing security camera into a social distancing camera. Camio uses AI and machine learning to detect hotspots automatically, so you know where to implement stricter guidelines. This cloud-based add-on provides valuable insights.

  • Smart Alerts
  • Detects People Wearing Masks
  • Customizable Dashboard
camio distancing covid
irisys occupancy solutions


SafeCount, an occupancy monitoring solution, provides real-time data to help you comply with social distancing restrictions. The IoT sensors have a 99% accuracy rating, are fast to install, and easily scalable, so you can get back to businesses. 

  • Anonymous Sensing Technology
  • Cloud Reporting
  • Audio Alerts and Traffic Light Signaling

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