COVID-19 Tech for Common Areas

Preparing the Office for Workplace Re-Entry

For the past several years, office's have been adding elaborate communal spaces. These game rooms, cafeterias, coffee bars, impromptu meeting spaces, and lounging areas were supposed to help attract top talent, strengthen the sense of community, and offer workers greater flexibility. Unfortunately in the current environment, they present the opportunity to spread viruses and germs quickly. 

COVID-19 doesn't have to mean the end of these once sought after spaces; they just need to be reimagined. By implementing systems that promote health and wellness, you can make these areas safe and functional again. The following COVID-19 technology systems and solutions can help you prepare your common areas for workplace re-entry. 

Office Wellness

Now more than ever, it's imperative to create offices that emphasize health and wellness. Systems should enhance the existing environment so people can focus better, feel safer, and work more efficiently. Additionally, many of these technologies can help you reduce overhead costs and improve space utilization. The following solutions can automate previously tedious tasks, provide detailed reports and analytics, and create an environment with your employee's health in mind. 

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Cleaning Alerts

Improve office hygiene with cleaning alerts. Occupancy sensors can automatically notify your janitorial staff when common areas are no longer in use, so they can quickly sanitize the space. QR codes and room schedules can also trigger the alerts.

  • Centralized Data & Reporting
  • Easily Scalable
  • Contact Tracing

Building Automation

This PoE-based IoT platform is designed with smart building management in mind. It connects all electrical elements - lighting, sensors, blinds, security, heating and cooling, etc. - into one IoT hub so you can expand the health, utility, and value of all your resources.

  • Open API
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Actionable Insights
common area building automation
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Intelligent Disinfection 

Give employees and visitors the confidence of being in a healthy environment with intelligent disinfection. UVC light technology, combined with market-leading safety precautions, can sterilize individual rooms and entire offices when they're unoccupied.

  • Integrate with Occupancy Sensors and Access Control
  • Status Indicators
  • Kills 99% of Pathogens

Critical Communication

The pandemic has bred uncertainty and fear, hurdles we must address and overcome if we are going to re-enter the workplace. This starts with clear and precise communication from your organization. Everyone in your space needs to be informed on how you are handling the situation, how they can do their part to comply, and what to do in case of an emergency. Clear communication is key to providing peace of mind and catalyzing positive change. 

common area digital signage

Digital Signage

Installing digital signage allows you to deliver dynamic content in real-time. Easily communicate important messaging and alerts throughout the facility. Updates can be created and rolled out remotely from a cloud-based platform for further efficiency. 

  • Captures 400% more views than static displays
  • Scalable
  • Flexible and Agile

Paging and Mass Notification

Sometimes visual communication isn't enough. Get audio alerts when someone enters or exits a room, mass notify people in the event of an emergency, and communicate important messages and reminders to everyone in your space.

  • Doubles as a music network
  • Low profile design
  • Remote management
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Enforce Distancing

Physical distancing is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Enforcement begins at the entry points where you can control the flow of people and adhere to occupancy limits. The right solution will likely involve sensors, cameras, and digital signage to automate the process. However, many existing access control systems can easily be upgraded to provide this additional functionality. 

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Workplace Reconfiguration

Reconfiguring your current office layout can help you comply with social distancing guidelines. Our experts can help you assess your organization's current state, relocate desks, restack cubicles, and run low voltage cables to new locations and devices.

  • Revit & AutoCAD Technology Coordination   
  • Certified and Vetted Technicians
  • Dedicated Project Manager


Utilize your existing security cameras to get additional insights and analytics. The intelligent video monitoring system can detect hotspots, identify individuals wearing masks, monitor social distancing, and do smart searches.

  • Open to All H.264 Video Streams
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Personalized Alerts
camio social distancing
openpath social distancing


Enforce occupancy management thresholds with this cloud-based access control solution. By integrating with occupancy sensors, video management systems, and other IoT devices, you can easily automate the process of adding and removing credentials.

  • Scalable Enterprise Solution
  • Notification of Activity
  • Lockdown


SafeCount monitors the occupancy of entire offices, individual rooms, and anywhere in between. The system anonymously counts people as they enter and exit the space and can be connected to digital signage, speakers, or stoplights to control people's flow.

  • Measure Dwell Time
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Completely Anonymous
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