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How can I improve the new workflow?

AI, smart systems, and automation technology can increase the effectiveness of your workplace re-entry plan. These systems provide detailed data and insights that can help you stay compliant and continuously improve your new workflow. It's time to consider implementing and integrating these solutions to simplify the management and oversight needed to keep people safe in a post-COVID office.

  • Cleaning Alerts
  • Intelligent Disinfection
  • Restrict Flow of People with Digital Signage and Occupancy Sensors
  • Robust Reporting Dashboard

Automation Solutions

Make the transition back to the office a bit easier by automating processes, reminders, and reports. Integrate multiple systems so they work together can increase efficiencies and improve your new workflow. The following automation solutions will help you enforce new policies, keep up with cleaning standards, and free up valuable resources.

automation intelligent disinfection web

Intelligent Disinfection

Use the disinfecting power of UV light technology to clean the office. Automate the sanitization of conference rooms between uses, common areas when empty, and the open office once everyone has left for the day.

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Cleaning Alerts

Automate cleaning alerts to notify your janitorial staff when someone leaves a conference room, office, or desk so they can disinfect the area. Trigger the alert by scanning a QR code, checking out, or with occupancy sensors.

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Control the Flow of People

Combine occupancy sensors and digital signage to regulate the flow of people automatically. If a sensor detects that a room is at maximum capacity, the digital signage can alert those who try to enter, without any additional work for you.

Enforce Wellness Checks

Integrate your access control system with your wellness forms and temperature screening. This enables you to automatically suspend people's access to the building until they have successfully completed a wellness check.

Actionable Insights

Automating your systems frees up valuable time and resources. Most platforms take it a step further by providing detailed dashboards with data analytics on your space. You can utilize this information to improve efficiencies, identify problems, and help keep everyone safe.

automation alerts

Get Alerts for Important Events

automation occupancy heat map

Detect Hotspots and High-Traffic Areas

automation building dashboard

Analyze Detailed Facility Data

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