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From installing hands-free solutions to promoting distancing, we're here to help you get the technology systems in place to navigate the new normal. It all starts with asking the right questions.

Our New Workplace Journey

Guidance for COVID-19 Technology Systems


How can I minimize the spread of germs in my space?

Reducing common touch points can help safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 on surfaces. There are a variety of hands free and touchless technology solutions for your entries, lobbies, conference rooms, and more.

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Touchless Technology Solutions

  • Hands Free Door Unlock (Mobile or Wave)
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Virtual Guest Passes
  • Hands Free Video Conferencing
  • Cordless Screen Sharing

How can I prevent sick people from entering our space?

COVID-19 presents itself with several signs and symptoms, the most noticeable being an elevated body temperature. Screening people before they enter can identify those who are symptomatic but aren't aware.

screening technology

Screening Technology Solutions

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Digital Signage Notifications
  • Temperature Measurement via Kiosks and Thermal Cameras

How can I promote physical distancing?

Split schedules and staggered shifts reduces the number of people in a space but it must be taken a step further. Distancing technology encourages workers to maintain physical distance as they move through the space.


Distancing Technology Solutions

  • Occupancy (People) Counting Solutions
  • Integrated Video Surveillance
  • Remote Unlocking, Scheduling, and Locking of Access Areas

How can I improve the new workflow?

Automation technology can make our transition to the "new normal" a bit easier and increase the effectiveness of your COVID-19 workplace re-entry plan by automating reminders, certain tasks, and reports. 

automation technology

Automation Technology Solutions

  • Cleaning Alerts
  • Integrate with Digital Ceiling to Provide Intelligent Disinfection
  • Robust Reporting Dashboard
  • Restrict Flow of People with Digital Signage and People Counting

How can I best utilize my space?

It's clear that the post-COVID office is going to look different. Whether you have a device picked out and need it installed quickly, need help brainstorming with your design team, or just need a cabling installer to do a cubicle restack. ASD® is ready to help adjust your space to fit the new normal.

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Workplace Reconfiguration Services

  • Rapid Deployment of Customer Furnished IoT Devices 
  • Technology Consulting Services
  • Revit & AutoCad Technology Coordination 
  • Low Voltage Cable Installations

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