September 14, 2017

Workplace Technology Improvements: What Is Your Strategy?

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According to a recent MIT Sloan Study shared by Workplace Trends in August of 2017, only 15% of respondents from companies at the early stages of “digital maturity” say their organizations have a clear and coherent digital strategy.

This means that 85% of employees in these businesses have a “less than impressed” opinion of their current workplace technology. And this may reflect more on the leadership than it does on the technology.

Additional findings from this workplace technology research:

76% of respondents say that digital technologies are important to their organizations today, and 92% say they will be important three years from now.
Across all age groups (from 22 to 60), the vast majority (80%) of respondents want to work for digitally enabled organizations or a digital leader.

This research report compared the technology usage and strategy of “digitally maturing” organizations to those in the “early-stages” of digital maturity.

Unsurprisingly, it found that digitally maturing companies act differently than their less mature peers, but the contrast was not in the technology they use, but rather in the way they execute these digital technologies.

Maturing digital businesses are focusing on integrating technologies such as social, mobile, analytics, and cloud to transform their business functions.

Less mature businesses are more focused on solving discrete problems with more individual uses of technology. One example of technology integration mentioned in the research is McDonald’s, who is starting to digitally revamp their business with things such as mobile pay, touch screen kiosks with order customization options, and partnerships with startups.

Employees increasingly want to work for digitally mature leaders, so it’s important for companies to recognize this to attract and retain top talent. Here are the research report’s overarching strategies and key highlights:

  1. Digital strategy drives digital maturity.
  2. The power of a digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and objectives.
  3. Maturing digital organizations build skills to realize the strategy.
  4. Employees want to work for digital leaders.
  5. Taking risks becomes a cultural norm for digitally mature companies.
  6. Most digitally mature companies’ digital agenda is led from the top down.

Another study conducted by PGi on Workplace Tech Trends found similar takeaways and some specific desires among the workforce.

The most wanted piece of technology this year was smart furniture (50%), followed by collaboration tools (44%), cloud-based sharing apps (38%) and intelligent automation tools (27%). And while employees cited these pieces of tech as the most desired, they indicated that the actual implementation of new technology was the biggest issue their company would face in 2017.

Further, when it came to the hurdles their company faced with adopting new tech, 78% cited budget as the number one obstacle to overcome, while 55% reported resources and 44% listed resistance to change as other major hurdles.

Regardless of where your company is perceived currently by your employees, or whether or not you have an updated strategy for your workplace technology improvements, ASD can help you.

From solving discrete problems with more individual uses of technology at a single location to a national roll-out of new technologies across your entire network, ASD can provide you with single-source solutions.

We are here to create confidence in your workplace technology. From conception to completion, ASD® is ready. We believe today’s organizations deserve a single source where:

  • Projects can be imagined
  • Installations are delivered
  • Technology is maintained
  • Rollouts are executed

We support all technologies across your workplace. We believe you deserve a partner with advanced technical capabilities in:

  • Audio Visual: Collaborative Spaces, Video Walls & Digital Signage
  • Physical Security: Access Control, Surveillance & Alarm
  • Privacy & Notification: Sound Masking, Paging & Mass Notification
  • Infrastructure: Wired & Wireless Networking, Structured Cabling, OLAN & DAS
  • LED Lighting and Controls: Interior and Exterior Energy Efficient Solutions

ASD® works across your national footprint. With a single call, you can engage us on any technology, for any service, coast to coast.

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Abe Fleming

Abe Fleming is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Automated Systems Design, Inc. He a results-oriented business development and technical sales leader with over a decade of progressive experience developing and managing sales teams.

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