May 10, 2017

Updating Workspace Technology So People Can Excel (With Proof!)

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Have you equipped your team to compete at the highest level?

According to a recent report by Deloitte, to accurately reflect their staff’s changing work experience, leading organizations have begun to implement an entirely new working environment – the digital workplace.

The Deloitte report outlines six key ways for companies to respond to a changing workforce:

  1. Support changes in working styles
  2. Unify offline and online communications
  3. Focus on employee experience
  4. Support virtual work environments
  5. Minimize spending and enhance productivity
  6. Win the war on talent

As workplace technology consultants, ASD® agrees with Deloitte’s assessment and suggested responses:

To adapt to changes in working styles, it pays to provide your workforce with the ability to work more transparently with unified offline and online communications.

Safe, comfortable, and collaborative workspaces provide your employees with more sense of control, less stress, and a more productive environment.

In addition to your physical corporate workspaces, you must support virtual work engagements, meetings, and collaboration by keeping your workforce connected through their mobile devices and remote offices while maintaining security, assuring client privacy, and minimizing risk.

One of the Deloitte’s most important points is “win the war on talent.” To attract the best and the brightest to your team, it’s important to provide them with a dynamic work environment and the best technology. Your physical workplace is indicative or your corporate culture. Investing in the right people without equipping them with the right tools is not a sustainable model.

As a provider of workplace technology solutions, ASD® also agrees with Deloitte’s stated goal of “minimizing spending while enhancing productivity”. In fact, optimizing your investment in the technology that’s best for your business is our mission with each project and what sets us apart.

Digital workplace case studies provide plenty of proof.

Deloitte’s report concludes with multiple “digital workplace” case studies across a variety of industries from Healthcare, Financial Services, Transportation and Technology Solutions.

“As the digital workplace delivers on its potential, it is finding traction across a broad array of industries.” – Deloitte

Again, we agree with Deloitte and gladly provide case studies to provide proof that people perform at their best with the best workplace environment and technology.

Check out these innovative companies ASD® has helped design digital workspaces:

From you first call, to the satisfaction and service we provide after your project is complete, you’ll be glad you decided to Ask ASD®.

About the author 

Mike Castiglione

Michael is the Chief Operating Officer at ASD®. He has more than a decade of experience in the workplace technology space. His oversight includes management of ASD® operations, development of the ASD® cloud platform OMNI, and key initiatives to continuously improve the ASD® client experience.

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