November 19, 2018

Tech Tip: How to Pull a Data Cable

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In today's tech tip experienced technician Ernest will show us how to pull a data cable and begin installing a low voltage cable. For this demonstration, we'll be using Data Drop in a Box the first all-inclusive data cabling kit. It has everything you need to do a single or double data drop, including:

  • Cat5E or Cat6 iCAT-ITS® Cable 100-300 ft.
  • Patch Cords
  • Surface Mount Box/Mud Ring
  • Faceplate
  • RJ45 Jacks
  • Termination Tool
  • Screws
  • Zip Ties

To start pulling a cable, you need to fasten the box to something because as you pull the cable, the box will continue to get lighter and move around. By attaching it to a ladder or another Data Drop in a Box, it will stay in place and allow for smoother pulling.

To attach the box to a ladder locate the zip ties and put them through the holes in the corner of the box. Make sure the side that says "This Side Up" is facing up. Otherwise, you won't have a hole to pull the cable through. Then, wrap the zip ties around the ladder and fasten. If you don't have a ladder, you could attach the box to a chair leg, table, etc.

How to Install a Data Cable with Data Drop in a Box

If you have a heavier box with more cable in it you should leave the box on the ground and attach it to the ladder from there, this way the holes don't break.

If you're running two cables to the same location, it can be easier to attach the two boxes together. Just like before locate the zip ties, run them through the holes at the top of the box, and cinch together. Again, making sure that both sides that say, "This Side Up" are facing up.

Now that your cables are anchored down they will be easier to pull and run to your desired location.

When you're running the cable through the ceilings or walls there are a few things to look out for, most importantly, EMI or electromagnetic interference. You want to make sure that when you run the cable you aren't too close to electrical equipment. This can cause interference and degrade the signal of the cable, causing slower internet speeds.

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Make sure there is at least a foot between your cable and the closest electrical wires. You also want to run your cable on your own supports throughout the ceiling. Don't try to attach them to plumbing, etc.

Now that you know how to pull a data cable it's time to install your mud ring on the other side. Continue to Tech Tip #2 for further instructions.

Tech Tip 2 How to Install a Mud Ring
Tech Tip 3 How to Terminate a Cable

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